Trump Regime Plans New Concentration Camps for Unwanted Aliens

Trump Regime Plans New Concentration Camps for Unwanted Aliens

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Hundreds of thousands of unwanted immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers are arrested and detained under horrific conditions in America annually. 

Trump escalated what he predecessors began, a horror story for victims of US ruthlessness.

Mistreatment of unwanted aliens intensified after the Department of Homeland Security’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement arm (ICE) was established in 2003.

It conducts Gestapo-like warrantless raids, targeting unwanted aliens for their nationality, ethnicity, race and/or religion – operating along America’s southern border, along with raiding neighborhoods,  workplaces and other locations.

Operations are largely extrajudicial, targeted subjects confronted with shotguns and automatic weapons – terrorizing families, traumatizing children, pulling aliens from bed, rousting them from workplaces without explanation, horrifically treating them like criminals.

Unlawful warrantless searches and seizures are standard practice, homes stormed violently, many innocent victims harmed, constitutional protections violated.

US immigration courts hear dozens of cases simultaneously, ruling on them collectively, due process and judicial fairness denied.

Under Bush/Cheney and Obama, unwanted aliens were held under horrific conditions, with little access to legal council and no concern for their rights – in ICE processing centers, privately run facilities, and Intergovernmental Service Agreement Facilities – mostly state or county jails plus a small number in US Bureau of Prisons or other facilities.

According to the National Immigration Law Center (NILC) “the nation’s immigrant detention system is broken to its core (and) reveals pervasive and extreme violations of the government’s own detention standards as well as fundamental violations of basic human rights and notions of dignity.”

Trump regime immigration policies exceed the harshness and unacceptability of his predecessors.

On June 22, Time magazine reported a new horror story, saying “(t)he US Navy is preparing plans to construct sprawling detention centers for tens of thousands of immigrants on remote bases in California, Alabama and Arizona, escalating the military’s task in implementing President Donald Trump’s ‘zero tolerance’ policy for people caught crossing the Southern border, according to a copy of a draft memo obtained by TIME.”

So-called detention centers for unwanted immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers are concentration camps by another name, detainees horrifically mistreated, children as brutally as adults.

America’s military is increasingly being used as an instrument of unwanted alien oppression – desperate people fleeing war zones or homeland repression treated like criminals.

The US navy intends building “temporary and austere” tent cities for around 120,000 unwanted aliens – in Alabama, California, Arizona, and elsewhere.

Trump’s new executive order calls for America’s war secretary to “take all legally available measures to provide (the Homeland Security secretary), upon request, any existing facilities available for the housing and care of alien families, and shall construct such facilities if necessary and consistent with law.” 

“The Secretary, to the extent permitted by law, shall be responsible for reimbursement for the use of these facilities.”

The Pentagon is jointly involved with the HHS Office of Refugee Resettlement.

The Obama regime interned thousands of unwanted aliens under horrific conditions at military bases in California, Oklahoma and Texas.

Hardliners infesting the Trump regime apparently intend escalating what began years earlier.

ACLU attorney Carl Takei compared Trump’s internment camp policy to how Japanese American citizens were mistreated during WW II, calling the practice a “moral horror.”

He’s a Japanese American. His family members were incarcerated oppressively in a federal “internment camp” while his grandfather fought against Nazism in a US artillery unit in Europe, saying:

“(W)hile Kuichi (his grandfather) fought for the allies in Europe, my grandmother Bette waited for him in an American version of a concentration camp.”

Oppressive US history is again repeating!

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