Russia’s Foreign Ministry on Syria, OPCW and Skripal Incident

Russia’s Foreign Ministry on Syria, OPCW, and Skripal Incident

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Despite important victories by Syrian and allied forces, endless US-led war on Syria continues, ISIS and other terrorists armed and given other material support by Washington, NATO, Israel, and their rogue allies.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below) explained that Moscow’s enemies, she and other Kremlin officials falsely call “partners,” continue supporting terrorists they claim to oppose.

MZ: “On June 24, the Syrian Government forces launched an offensive in southwestern Syria to eradicate the terrorists and restore the country’s integrity.”

Her briefing preceded reports of a ceasefire between Russia and US-supported terrorists in southwestern Syria, a reconciliation agreement to follow – similar to what was arranged earlier in Aleppo and Eastern Ghouta.

Terms include surrendering their heavy and other lethal weapons, keeping small arms. Syrian forces not involved in the deal continue their rapid advance.


Restoring US funding of al-Qaeda-connected White Helmets is more evidence of where the Trump regime stands – replacing Syria’s legitimate government with pro-Western puppet rule Washington’s objective.

The OPCW operates as a Western imperial tool, flagrantly violating its mandate, newly empowered to name perpetrators of CW attacks – clearly aimed at falsely blaming Syria for incidents carried out by US-supported terrorist – MZ saying:

“By resorting to political manipulations and directly bribing a number of delegations, and resorting to open blackmail, London and other parties managed to railroad their odious draft resolution vesting the OPCW’s Technical Secretariat with powers that are not within its purview, i.e., allowing it to determine those guilty of using chemical weapons in Syria.”

The “same document instructs the Director-General of the OPCW’s Technical Secretariat to submit proposals for the establishment of a similar investigative mechanism to provide technical assistance to other states, parties to the Chemical Weapons Convention, at their request, in exposing perpetrators, masterminds and sponsors of using chemical agents as weapons on specific national territories.” 

“These proposals are to be (formally) approved at a regular session of the Conference in November…We consider this resolution to be illegitimate.”

Indeed it is, likely a way to invent reasons for further Pentagon-led terror-bombing of Syrian forces and other targets, maybe Damascus on Washington’s target list.

The OPCW is mandated to enforce Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) provisions, nothing in them empowering the organization with judge and jury powers.

CWC’s integrity is threatened. Using it to invent pretexts for greater aggression than already renders it an enemy of global peace and stability.

Nearly four months after the US/UK-staged Skripal incident, falsely blamed on Russia, Moscow continues being denied contact with its own citizens.

MZ raised concerns about their health, well-being and status. Father and daughter Skripal are pawns in a dirty US/UK Russia bashing game.

The Theresa May regime rejected cooperation with Russia in the case. The Skripals may never be free again, never permitted to have contact with their family members, never allowed to go home if they wish.

MZ: The case “is veiled in mystery…developments surrounding it…so absurd that even Britain’s allies are increasingly skeptical and doubtful as to the veracity and objectivity of its anti-Russia insinuations.”

The official story lacked credibility when first announced. Russia bashing persists in the West, European countries submissive to US interests – even when harming their own.

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