Trump Regime May Deport Yemenis with Temporary Protected Status

The Trump Regime May Deport Yemenis with Temporary Protected Status

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

The Trump regime is a machine for the manufacture of human rights abuses, exceeding the worst of its predecessors – with attribution to the late Joel Kovel. 

He described Israeli viciousness this way in his book titled “Overcoming Zionism.”

He explained how its corrosiveness fosters “imperialist expansion and militarism (with) signs of the fascist malignancy,” transforming Israel “into a machine for the manufacture of human rights abuses” – led by Ziofascist criminals, falsely posing as democrats.

The same goes for America on steroids, a greater human and civil rights abuser over a longer duration than any other nation in history.

Congress established Temporary Protected Status (TPS) in 1990. Initially it let the Attorney General grant temporary immigration status to undocumented residents unable to return home because of armed conflict, environmental disasters, or other “extraordinary and temporary conditions.”

Since October 2017, authority to grant TPS rests with the DHS secretary. 

Yemenis in America were granted TPS in September 2015 because of raging (US-orchestrated) war in the country – begun under Obama, escalated by Trump, complicit with Saudi/UAE terror-bombing and blockade.

Unless renewed, TPS for Yemenis expires on July 5. Around 1,200 of the country’s nationals may be deported back home where endless war rages, causing the world’s gravest humanitarian crisis.

In a letter to Trump regime’s DHS secretary Kirstjen Neilsen and Mike Pompeo, over 30 former US federal officials urged extending TPS for Yemenis in America, given deplorable conditions back home – calling it “a small but vital protective measure that neither they nor the United States can do without.”

If deported, their lives, security and welfare will be gravely endangered, civilians in harm’s way being massacred by Saudi-led terror-bombing.

Former US ambassadors to Yemen Barbara Bodine, Gerand Beirstein and Stephen Seche separately urged the Trump regime to extend TPS status for Yemenis in America – including the re-designation of the country so “Yemenis not currently holding this status (can) apply,” adding:

“It would be unconscionable for our country to actively support this war and then refuse to protect those who flee from it.” 

“The Trump administration has already halted resettlement of Yemeni refugees, and has thrown up numerous barriers to prevent Yemenis from entering the US or applying for asylum. Extending TPS is the least this country can do in the face of the world’s worst humanitarian disaster.”

The July 5 deadline approaches for the Trump regime to decide up or down on extending TPS for Yemenis in America.

In January, the State Department’s travel advisory said “(n)o part of Yemen is safe from violence.” 

“Therefore, it would be beyond heartless and cruel to forcibly ship our neighbors, mothers, fathers and children back to a country that our own government has defined as one of the most dangerous and dire places on the planet.”

On June 21, 40 House members urged Trump to extend TPS status for Yemenis, a press release saying it’s “not only deserved, but warranted under the law.”

Extreme Trump regime hostility toward unwanted aliens needs no elaboration. It’s unclear whether DHS and Pompeo will extend TPS relief for Yemenis in America or deport them to US-manufactured harm’s way.

A Final Comment

Deplorable US policies toward unwanted immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers are longstanding.

Countless millions flee US war zones and Washington-supported despotic regimes – unwanted in America by Trump and his predecessors.

A previous article called justice in America a meaningless figure of speech. So is equal protection under law.

Privileged interests alone are served over justice for all. People of color, the nation’s poor and disadvantaged, Muslims, and unwanted aliens are especially harmed and abused.

It’s the American way, meaner and nastier under Trump than earlier – ending TPS for 98% of recipients since taking office, harming over 250,000 vulnerable people.

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