Russia-Brokered Ceasefire in Daraa Province, Syria

Russia-Brokered Ceasefire in Daraa Province, Syria

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

It’s an important breakthrough, a key step toward liberating southwest Syria entirely from US-supported terrorists.

Russia’s reconciliation center announced it. Terrorists in Daraa agreed to surrender their heavy weapons and be relocated to northern Syria – after losing more territory to advancing government forces.

The day after reaching the Jordanian border, they took control of the main Nassib Crossing point between the two countries for the first time since 2015.

According to AMN News, “(t)he provincial capital and western Daraa are not part of this agreement and will remain a target for the Syrian Arab Army.”

Their liberation is just a matter of time. Russian military police will be deployed to secure newly liberated areas, Syrian police to be involved later.

SouthFront called the Russian deployment “likely a part of a secret agreement between Russia, Jordan and the Damascus government.” 

“During the last two months, several reports suggested that such an agreement was under development. Only now this is confirmed,” adding:

“A final agreement on southern governorate of Daraa will likely be announced by” Damascus in short order.

The battle to liberate southwest Syria’s Quneitra governorate remains to be fought, US-supported terrorists so far unwilling to accept ceasefire terms.

Sputnik News quoted spokesman for anti-government forces in southern Syria Abu Shima, saying:

“An agreement has been reached on extracting to Idlib of those who do not want to stay in the south…relinquishing (their) heavy weaponry.”

“An agreement on the immediate cessation of hostilities has been reached,” adding something similar will be proposed to anti-government forces in Quneitra.

According to Russia’s reconciliation center, 27 settlements were successfully negotiated in Syria’s southwest, the entire region likely to be liberated ahead.

Russia rejects Israel’s demand for “Iranian forces” to withdraw entirely from Syria, especially from its southwest – Islamic Republic military advisors alone in the country at the request of Damascus.

A previous article quoted Sergey Lavrov, saying the notion that “Iran must leave and everything will click into place, (meaning) Syria but also…the entire region (is) absolutely unrealistic,” adding:

“It is impossible to” resolve regional problems without Iranian involvement. Middle East countries with issues needing resolution “should sit down at the negotiating table, state their concerns and start talking on how they can remove them on a mutually acceptable basis.” 

“There is no other way. It is necessary to act in the same vein as regards the settlement in Syria or any other problem in this volatile region.”

Israeli demands are unacceptable. Damascus rejects them. Syrian territory belongs to its people and legitimate ruling authorities. US and other foreign forces occupying any of it without permission are unlawful hostile invaders.

The campaign by government forces to liberate southwest Syria began on June 19. Much remains to accomplish its vitally important strategic objective.

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