Russian Foreign Ministry on Syria, Salisbury and Amesbury Incidents and Iran

Russian Foreign Ministry on Syria, Salisbury and Amesbury Incidents, and Iran

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman) 

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakhavova (MZ below) called endless war in Syria “complicated.”

Resolving it any time soon remains more illusion than hoped for reality. “The operation to liberate the country’s southwest from terrorists is ongoing,” MZ explained.

Russian aerial operations aided government forces on the ground greatly. Militants willing to surrender their foreign-supplied heavy weapons have not been subjected to government reprisals.

Jordan is concerned about restoring peace along its border with Syria. Liberating and re-opening an important roadway linking Beirut, Damascus and Amman was a long-sought government objective.

MZ: “(W)hat is ‘happening on the ground’ is drastically different from the picture of developments in southwestern Syria, as painted by…Western media…us(ing) materials provided by the White Helmets (money is changing hands!) and other provocateurs.” 

“We know about their underhanded methods that are aimed at anything but alleviating the suffering of the people. On the contrary, they are aimed at undermining the efforts to reach local negotiated solutions and a political settlement in general.” 

“Various lies are used: fabricated figures on the skyrocketing numbers of internally displaced persons that increase every day – allegedly due to the onslaught by government forces; hysterical outcries over lack of opportunity to send humanitarian convoys to the area of hostilities; fraudulent stories about Russia’s alleged withdrawal from the memorandum on the establishment of the southern de-escalation zone and other similar fake news.”

When America goes to war, scoundrel media truth-telling is systematically abandoned. Disinformation, Big Lies, and fake news replace it – some of the worst in memory in reporting on years of war in Syria, falsely blaming its government for US-led high crimes committed against millions of harmed Syrians.

When areas are liberated from US-supported terrorists, Damascus, with Russian and Iranian help, go all-out to help displaced Syrians return home, supplying vital humanitarian aid – nothing from the West or UN providing aid only to areas held by terrorists – for them, not civilians held captive.

MZ: “(E)radicat(ing) terrorists in Syria is” greatly obstructed by US forces illegally occupying northern and southern parts of the country, operating from numerous bases.

Humanitarian access to refugees controlled by Washington is blocked, holding them hostage, recruiting fighters from their ranks to join US-supported terrorists, including children.

US-led Western regimes are hostile to supplying “food, medicines, fuel, equipment and building materials, indispensable for rebuilding the country” to civilians in areas they control, according to MZ, adding:

“On July 3, Damascus published an official statement by the Syrian government, calling on citizens who were forced to leave the country amid war and terrorist aggression, to return” home to liberated areas.

“The statement confirms that the Syrian government assumes responsibility for the safety and immunity of its citizens and meeting their needs by maintaining properly functioning schools, medical institutions and other kinds of socioeconomic infrastructure” – explaining rebuilding remains a longterm undertaking, many years required to complete when and if war ends.

Russia promised to aid Syria rebuild, along with helping its displaced people return to their homes when safe to do it.

“The Russian Federation does not recognize the anti-Syrian sanctions imposed unilaterally by a number of states and inter-state associations and considers them a serious obstacle to the final eradication of the terrorist threat in Syria and the political settlement in that country based on UN Security Council Resolution 2254,” MZ explained.

Salisbury and Amesbury UK incidents have common threads. Both incidents were UK-staged false flags, Washington likely complicit directly or indirectly.

Both falsely claimed novichok military grade nerve agent poisonings – able to cause death in minutes. No known antidote exists. Novichok is code language for alleged Russian involvement – despite not a whiff of evidence proving it in March or July.

Father and daughter Skripal survived what harmed them four months ago, fully recovered now, yet held hostage by UK authorities, preventing them from telling tales able to dispute the official falsified narrative.

Charlie Rowley and Dawn Sturgess mysteriously fell ill on July 4 – conveniently as Russia advanced to the World Cup quarter finals, days ahead of the Putin/Trump summit dark forces in Britain and Washington surely want undermined.

Whatever caused father and daughter Skripal to fall ill, Rowley and Sturgess days earlier, wasn’t from exposure to a novichok or other nerve agent. 

If so, they’d all be dead – very much not the case, the Skripals fully recovered, Rowley and Sturgess allegedly hospitalized in serious condition four days after falling ill.

In a lengthy narrative, MZ thoroughly and effectively debunked the official narrative, falsely claiming Russian involvement in both incidents.

Accusations without credible evidence are groundless.

MZ: “(R)epresentatives of the May Cabinet have ahead of them a long period of apologies to Russia and the international community for all that her government has done.”

The likelihood of any UK regime apologizing for its high crimes is virtually nil. Coverup and denial is official policy. The same goes for Washington, NATO and Israel.

MZ commented on a London Times report, falsely accusing Iran of aiding Afghan Taliban fighters. Earlier, the Pentagon falsely accused Russia of the same thing.

Washington created and aided them in the 1980s to fight Soviet Russia in Afghanistan, then known as mujahideen forces – today’s Taliban.

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