Russia’s Foreign Ministry on Syria, Gaza and UK

Russia’s Foreign Ministry on Syria, Gaza and UK

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below) called developments in Syria “positive…amid overall tension.”

Liberating over 90% of southwestern territory from US-supported terrorists is a major achievement, the entire area likely to be freed in the days and weeks ahead – except for territory Washington illegally occupies, along with more in Syria’s northeast, major obstacles to conflict resolution as long as US forces remain where they don’t belong.

Humanitarian crisis conditions in liberated areas are improving, Russia playing the leading role in providing aid, along with involvement in reconstructing infrastructure and vital services in territory free from US-supported terrorists.

MZ lambasted the al-Qaeda-linked White Helmets, masquerading as civil defense workers, saying the scoundrels involved “sold their souls for money to engage in subversion and provocations in Syria, undermining trust in the humanitarian movement around the world.”

They’re funded by Britain, Washington, and their rogue allies, supporting terror instead of combatting it.

MZ: “US-led coalition (members intend) evacuat(ing) about 1,000 White Helmets from Syria because they could allegedly face vengeance from the authorities as the government gradually restores its control over the entire country.”

“(T)hese experts in provocation and fakes will come in handy in other circumstances and in other places.”

Despite most Syrian territory liberated from US-supported terrorists, millions of refugees remain internally displaced and located in neighboring and other countries.

Many more than already will return home when areas they lived in are liberated, along with vital economic and social infrastructure rebuilt and restored.

Mine clearance in terrorists’ controlled areas remains a major task to be completed. Russia is playing the lead role in helping to return normality to the country – a longterm project to complete once conflict resolution is achieved.

Conditions in Gaza are deplorable, two million residents held hostage by Israeli viciousness, suffocating them under unlawful blockade.

MZ’s response to what’s going on was disappointing, “urg(ing) the Palestinians and Israelis to exercise restraint and take action to prevent a new wave of violence that could lead to unpredictable consequences.”

At the same time, she called “military force against civilians…unacceptable.” It’s far worse than that, flagrantly breaching core international law, committing Nuremberg-level high crimes, accountability not forthcoming.

Saying it “vital to establish a political process between the Palestinians and Israelis based on the existing international legal framework” ignored the Jewish state’ disdain for rule of law principles.

Nor did MZ explain that Gazans have been held Israeli hostages under unlawful blockade for over 11 years with no prospect for liberation in sight.

MZ: Salisbury and Amesbury incidents in Britain falsely blamed on Russia “generated…much absurdity and…media” fake news.

“We could make a hit parade of the absurd out of what we read in the British media.” 

“Regrettably, these publications influence the readers, shape public perceptions of what has happened, and are part of the propaganda campaign that kicked off after Prime Minister Therese May’s notorious speech which she made in Parliament, where she lined up a number of ungrounded accusations and insults directed at our country.”

US media are just as abysmal on this issue and most others as Britain’s, notably anything and everything about Russia. Blaming its intelligence operatives for harming the Skripals and two UK nationals is more evidence of Russophobic rage.

“Everything that happened at Porton Down historically…and everything that is taking place there now could be used for the plots of thrillers and crime stories and films,” said MZ. 

“Why (aren’t) media and the public taking an interest in this? I can understand why the public is not interested, but the media simply pretend not to notice anything.”

“We have told you about the strange deaths…of several lab employees over the past 20 years.”  

“We told you about the strange deaths of Soviet microbiologist, former director of the Leningrad Institute of Highly Pure Biopreparations Vladimir Pasechnik, biological warfare expert David Kelly and Paul Norman, who succeeded David Kelly at the Porton Down Laboratory. We told you about the death of leading scientist Richard Holmes as well.”

Crimes committed by Washington, Britain, NATO, Israel, and their rogue allies are falsely blamed on victims and their enemies.

Russia had nothing to do with the Salisbury and Amesbury incidents, Britain and likely the US responsible for what happened – not a hint of this suggested by UK, US, or other Western media scoundrels.

MZ: Cold hard facts about  incidents discussed above are “denounce(d) (as) Russian propaganda…”

Truth-telling is the arch-enemy of Washington’s imperial agenda – Britain, NATO, Israel, and their rogue allies complicit as willing partners in its high crimes.

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