Mass Casualties from Southwest Syria ISIS Attacks

Mass Casualties from Southwest Syria ISIS Attacks

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

ISIS and other terrorist groups operate as an extension of US imperial aggression in Syria and elsewhere.

Casualties from its multiple suicide and related attacks in Syria’s Sweida province days earlier in the country’s southwest near Jordan rose to over 210 killed, more than 200 others injured.

Four suicide bombers were involved. Other ISIS terrorists shot civilians at home in Sweida province villages.

The attacks were the largest-scale ones since the Obama regime launched naked aggression on Syria, war in its eighth year still raging despite most of the country liberated from US-supported terrorists.

They followed liberation of most southwest Syrian territory from ISIS and other US-supported terrorists.

During a Friday meeting with Russia’s envoy to Syria Alexander Lavrentiev in Damascus, Assad denounced foreign support for terrorists infesting Syria, saying:

The Sweida province attacks show “that countries supporting terrorism are trying to breathe life back into the terrorist organization to keep it as a card in their hand that they will use to achieve political gains. These attempts will only succeed in… shedding more innocent blood.”

On Friday, Hezbollah accused Washington of being the patron of “criminal gangs” responsible for terrorizing Syrian civilians, a statement saying:

“The appearance of these armed gangs with full armament and equipment from the At-Tanf area, where the US is illegally based, right before their eyes and with their obvious assistance, is dangerous.”

“Obviously, regional and international forces continue to use these criminal gangs to implement their evil and hostile goal.”

The US, NATO, Israel, the Saudis, and their rogue allies continue supplying ISIS and other terrorists with heavy weapons and funding to attack Syrian soldiers and civilians.

During a Friday Security Council session on the humanitarian situation in Syria, Assad’s acting UN charge d’affairs Abdullah Hallaq vowed that all foreign-supported terrorist elements will be eliminated from Syrian territory, adding Damascus is committed to providing humanitarian aid to its liberated people – greatly aided by Russia.

During Friday’s session, deputy US envoy Jonathan Cohen disgracefully called liberating efforts by Syrian forces “tak(ing) more territory by force.”

He lied saying government forces “displaced more than 325,000 civilians.” Polar opposite is true. Syria’s military, greatly aided by Russian airpower, continues liberating areas from US-supported terrorists.

Many thousands of Syrian refugees are returning home, aided by government/Russian humanitarian aid provided them.

America and its rogue allies supply aid to cutthroat killer terrorists alone, proving nothing for Syrian civilians in need.

Separately, in a hopefully important development, US-backed so-called Syrian Democratic Forces, comprised of Kurdish and Arab fighters, sent a delegation to Damascus to meet with Assad for the first time days earlier.

They agreed to negotiate an end to violence in Syrian territory along Turkey’s border. One of its leaders said talks aimed at “working towards a settlement for northern Syria,” adding it’s time to “solve our problems ourselves.”

Damascus is a reliable ally, unlike Washington, notorious for betraying partnered groups once they’re no longer useful to its imperial agenda.

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