Trump Regime Seeks Creation of an Arab NATO

Trump Regime Seeks Creation of an Arab NATO

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

With attribution to composer Burt Bacharach, what the world needs now is what there’s too little of – peace, equity and justice over militarism and endless wars of aggression.

US-dominated NATO members, Euro/Atlantic partners, Mediterranean Dialogue countries, and four Istanbul Cooperation Initiative (ICI) states comprise over one-third of world nations – with plans for exponential expansion to make the alliance’s killing machine more lethal and destructive than already.

Washington seeks additional members on all continents, intending expansion virtually everywhere toward a global military alliance against all sovereign independent states – targeted for regime change, especially Russia, China and Iran.

According to reports, the Trump regime seeks to establish an Arab NATO, comprised of a rogue’s gallery of despotic states, including Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Egypt and Jordan.

Aiming to confront Iranian sovereign independence, the White House wants it formed for the alleged pretext of countering terrorism these states support, along with strengthening political and economic ties with these nations – unrelated to a military alliance intended solely for regional militarism and belligerence.

The so-called Middle East Strategic Alliance (MESA) will be discussed by these nations in Washington on October 12 and 13.

A Trump regime National Security Council representative admitted “MESA will serve as a bulwark against Iran, adding it’s to combat “terrorism (and) extremism” Washington fosters and supports, along with “bring(ing) stability to the Middle East” US regimes abhor.

Irreconcilable differences between Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain, and Egypt vs. Qatar hampered formation of MESA so far.

The four-regime alliance against Doha imposed a land, sea and air blockade on the country, along with making unacceptable demands, reading like post-WW I Versailles terms – categorically rejected since announced in June 2017.

The Saudi-led scheme aimed to transform Qatar into a subservient vassal state, its resources exploited, its wealth stolen, perhaps regime change imposed.

The US, Israel, and despotic Arab states prevent regional peace and stability. Iran supports what they reject.

An unnamed Islamic Republic official said “under the (phony) pretext of securing stability in the Middle East, Americans and their regional allies are fomenting tension in the region.” 

Their hostile scheme will only “deepen gaps between Iran, its regional allies, and the US-backed Arab” dictatorships.

On Thursday, UAE foreign minister Anwar Gargash said his country intends deploying more forces in parts of the region because it can no longer rely on Washington and Britain for security – despite no external threats facing the country, adding:

He’s concerned about differences between the Trump regime and EU on Iran, notably over the White House’s JCPOA pullout, its intention to reimpose nuclear related sanctions and other harsh ones.

An Arab NATO if established will destabilize the region more than already, a way to continue US-led wars of aggression, Iran a likely future target.

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