The Atlantic Council’s Russophobic Rage

The Atlantic Council’s Russophobic Rage

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

The Atlantic Council (AC) is a neocon infested think tank involved in weaponizing Russophobic hysteria.

Its board of directors and so-called “experts” include a rogue’s gallery of hawkish extremists, serving the interests of America’s military/industrial/security/media complex.

In June, AC launched what it called a DisinfoPortal, an initiative involved in producing disinformation, Big Lies and fake news about Russia – together with likeminded extremist groups and Russophobic “experts.”

AC member Daniel Fried said the following:

“It’s time to stop ‘admiring the problem’ of Russian disinformation and start fighting back, using the tools of democratic societies to counter the autocrat’s playbook.”

DisinfoPortal “is a tool for all those ready to step up in this struggle…under threat of authoritarians.”

So-called “democratic societies” Fried mentioned don’t exist, notably not in the US, a plutocratic police state hostile to democratic principles and values – waging endless wars on humanity at home and abroad.

Bipartisan dark forces running America are the greatest threat to world peace and humanity’s survival.

Russia is an antidote to the menace they represent, why Washington is waging political and economic war on the country’s sovereign independence and geopolitical agenda.

AC’s ideal “secure and prosperous world” isn’t safe or fit to live in.

It includes centralized global control, societies comprised of rulers and serfs, no middle class, no equity and justice, no fundamental freedoms – the masses kept in check by mind control and harsh crackdowns on nonbelievers.

Control is enforced by a globalized NATO, manufacturing perpetual crises and wars, imposing universal “values” just societies abhor.

The Atlantic magazine’s content is far removed from its 1857 roots – co-founded by Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, and other notable figures.

Current editor Jeffrey Goldberg is a hawkish neocon extremist, a propagandist opposed to journalism the way it’s supposed to be – rubbish he permits as specious as what discredited Judith Miller produced. 

She fell from grace at the NYT. He’s still around, promoting and supporting endless imperial wars of aggression, along with stoking Russophobia.

On August 16, he OK’d publication of a propaganda piece, titled “We Regret to Inform You That Russia Is (Probably) At It Again” – co-written by AC Russophobe Evelyn Farkas, perpetuating the Kremlin US election meddling Big Lie.

Here’s some of the rubbish she and neocon co-writer James Ludes turned out.

“For Putin and company, election season in America is open season for meddling” – a bald-faced lie!

“…Russia’s effort to influence American politics continues.” Not a shred of evidence suggests it now or earlier.

Farkas and Ludes lied saying “(t)he Russian government has one overriding objective with regard to the United States: to weaken America so that it loses its will and ability to counter Russian objectives.”

Russian objectives include world peace, stability, multi-world polarity, and mutual cooperation among all nations – facts they suppressed in their propaganda piece.

They lied claiming “the Kremlin actively exploits and deepens political, cultural, economic, racial, and other societal rifts in America.”

They lied saying “the Kremlin is likely employing a three-pronged strategy to achieve its aims: supporting US political candidates friendly to Russian President Vladimir Putin, buying favor by injecting money into US politics and lobbying, and conducting cyberattacks on election systems.”

They lied claiming “Russia pulled this off in 2016, targeting African Americans with negative comments about Hillary Clinton.”

They lied saying “Russians have continued to support efforts to undermine the Democratic Party.”

There’s nothing democratic about undemocratic Dems, no Russian meddling or other involvement in US politics, no evidence proving otherwise.

They lied claiming Russian money helps finance Kremlin-friendly US political candidates. Practically none exist. 

Supporting Russia is a political death sentence in America. The same goes for opposing Israeli ruthlessness.

Farkas and Ludes lied saying (Russia) will try to cyberpenetrate US election infrastructure.”

They lied suggesting “the Kremlin could even shut down power or other infrastructure in key districts…”

They lied claiming (Russia) infiltrated the US power grid, and the water, aviation, and some manufacturing sectors.”

They lied saying “(i)nfluencing American public opinion, including elections, is just one component of Russian asymmetric warfare.”

The entire propaganda piece reads like bad fiction. Only unthinking mind-controlled readers could believe its beginning-to-end rubbish – masquerading as journalism.

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