Claims of Syrian CW Use Are Bald-Faced Lies

Claims of Syrian CW Use Are Bald-Faced Lies

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Truth-telling is the first casualty of war. Washington and its imperial partners wage them endlessly for unchallenged global dominance – smashing one sovereign independent nation after another threatening no one. 

Victims of US aggression are blamed for crimes committed against them. Media scoundrels turn truth on its head, reporting the official falsified narrative, suppressing hard truths.

Propaganda masquerading as journalism is weaponized to serve US-led Western and Israeli interests. Good guys are called “terrorists.”

Real terrorists are called freedom fighters, rebels or opposition forces.

The battle to liberate Idlib province is imminent – the last major stronghold in Syria infested with US-supported terrorists.

Washington, NATO, Israel and their imperial partners want the terrorist stronghold protected, a platform for continuing endless war in the country, as well as from and around illegal US bases near the Turkish, Iraqi and Jordanian borders.

A US/UK CW false flag is imminent, according to hard Russian and Syrian evidence. On Thursday, Russia’s Foreign Ministry said US and partnered forces are poised to attack Syrian targets in 24 hours – following a pre-planned CW false flag incident wrongfully blamed on Damascus.

The US, UK and France have hundreds of cruise missiles on warships near Syria, ready to be launched on command.

In Moscow, meeting with his counterpart Sergey Lavrov, Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem stressed what’s well known but publicly denied in the West.

Syria eliminated its entire chemical weapons arsenal, confirmed by OPCW inspectors. Claims otherwise are bald-faced lies.

He warned about an impending CW false flag like last April, used as a pretext for US, UK, French terror-bombing of Syrian sites.

He stressed the importance of liberating Idlib province from al-Nusra and other US-supported terrorist, saying:

“The decision of the Syrian leadership is to combat Jabhat al-Nusra in Idlib, whatever the sacrifices…(T)he priority is for the local reconciliations which we have carried out in several areas across Syria.” 

“We are ready to make every effort to avoid civilian casualties. We opened Abu al-Dahour corridor for a week and interacted with the local reconciliation committees.” 

“Unfortunately al-Nusra (terrorists) arrested most of the members of these committees and prevented civilians from exiting via that corridor” – holding them as human shields.

He and Lavrov stressed the illegitimacy of US and other foreign forces in Syria. The Trump regime promised to leave, yet creates phony pretexts for staying.

Syrian forces made significant progress in liberating most of the country from US-supported terrorists – why the Trump regime and its imperial partners want a pretext for continuing to wage endless war.

“The US, UK and France are not happy with the failure of their plot in Syria. So they want to attack it from outside the UN Security Council in order to foil the political process, offer assistance to Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist(s) and prolong the crisis.” 

“(W)e have the legitimate right to defend ourselves, and the aggressor States will bear the disastrous consequences due to their aggression,” said al-Moallem.

Lavrov stressed the importance of all sides observing Security Council Resolution 2254. He said Russia’s Defense and Foreign Ministries warned the US, Britain and France “not to play with fire” by creating a phony pretext to terror-bomb Syrian sites.

Adopted unanimously in December 2015, SC 2254 called for ceasefire, diplomatic conflict resolution, and the exclusive right of Syrians to choose their leadership, governance, and future, free from foreign interference.

Washington and its partners breached it straightaway, ignoring SC resolutions and other international law conflicting with their imperial agenda, prolonging war instead of resolving it.

As long as Trump regime hardliners want it continued, resolution will remain unattainable.

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