Russian Foreign Ministry on Planned Syrian Conflict Escalation

Russian Foreign Ministry on Planned Syrian Conflict Escalation

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below) discussed Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem’s meeting with Sergey Lavrov.

They met ahead of a well-publicized US/UK pre-planned CW false flag in Idlib province to be wrongfully blamed on Damascus.

The Trump regime intends using it as a pretext for escalating naked aggression begun by Obama – in cahoots with Britain, France and Israel, the real axis of pure evil.

Both officials discussed the impending incident along with efforts to reconstruct liberated areas and encourage the return of Syrian refugees to their home areas once safe and they’re able to begin rebuilding their lives.

MZ: “Russia believes that Syria is on track for a major positive breakthrough, including completing the elimination of terrorists in the country and the launch of a real political process, economic recovery and the return of refugees and IDPs.”

Idlib province remains to be liberated from US-supported terrorists, a major battle looming. As long as US forces remain in northeast and southwest Syria, the country cannot be free.

Nor is resolving war possible as long as the Trump regime wants it continued and likely escalated.

MZ explained the threat, saying “the clouds are gathering once again over Syria. The United States with its several thousand-strong military presence in Syria, together with its closest Western allies, threaten Syria with armed aggression.” 

What’s coming will likely be more intensive than earlier – based on a Big Lie, falsely claiming Syrian use of CWs it doesn’t have, never used in the war, and certainly wouldn’t now given its ability to liberate territory effectively with conventional weapons.

MZ stressed what’s planned by Washington and its imperial partners “is a matter of very serious concern for us and we wanted to share it with the international community and the media…”

“Playing with fire this way could have unpredictable consequences…” Russia has been going all-out to expose the plot, trying to stop it from being initiating by telling the whole world about what’s planned.

MZ: “…Russia views the use of toxic substances as totally unacceptable, just like staged chemical attacks intended to justify making deliberately misleading accusations against the Syrian government and military of carrying out chemical attacks. Damascus lacks the capability to do so, since Syria’s chemical stockpiles were completely eliminated under international supervision in 2014 and 2015…”

Syrian use of CWs at any time during the war would be “a glaring example of suicidal madness,” MZ stressed.

UN Secretary-General Guterres and other top world body officials operate as virtual US imperial agents, flagrantly violating the UN Charter and other international law.

They’re silent about US-led aggression in Syria and their support for ISIS and other terrorists.

They’ve said nothing about the planned CW false flag to be wrongfully blamed on Damascus.

Instead of actively aiding the return of refugees to their home areas, the UN is obstructing the process.

Russia got hold of a shameful world body questionnaire, discouraging the return of refugees, asking the following unacceptable questions:

“What are your feelings regarding your return to Syria? Do you feel anxious about it?” MZ called the questions “cynical.”

“Do you understand that the security situation remains unstable there?” Stability is returning to liberated areas.

“Do you understand that you will be called up for military service?” The UN willfully and maliciously lied!

Family members were questioned separately, pressured against their government, interrogators uncaring about their welfare, serving the Trump regime’s imperial agenda.

Syria is sovereign and independent, why the Obama regime launched naked aggression on the country, continued by Trump, wanting Assad replaced by pro-Western puppet rule.

Russia, Iran and Hezbollah strongly oppose Washington’s imperial agenda, preventing Syria from being transformed into another US vassal state.

Ahead of an impending CW false flag in Idlib province, MZ explained the following:

“(T)he attack force of the US, France and Britain consists of strategic and tactical aircraft deployed on airbases in Jordan and Kuwait and on Crete and totaling around 70 delivery vehicles, around 380 air-borne cruise missiles, plus two US destroyers, the Carney and the Ross, each carrying 28 Tomahawks.”

“Within 24 hours, the US missile-carrying force in the Mediterranean Sea could be reinforced by two more destroyers, the USS Donald Cook and the USS Porter…as well as (nuclear armed) submarines.”

“(T)he destroyer USS Jason Dunham could enter the Red Sea for a strike against Syria and the USS Sullivans in the Persian Gulf could return to the attack area.”

“(A)t least four delivery vehicles carrying sea-based missiles with a strike capacity of more than 112 Tomahawks could join an aggression against the sovereign Syrian state.”

Washington and its imperial partners are locked and loaded for escalated aggression.

Was Russia’s robust exposure of the plot, letting the whole world know about it, including during a Security Council session, enough to foil it?

The Trump regime denied clear evidence of its plan – in cahoots with Britain, France and Israel.

Were overnight explosions at Syria’s Mezzeh airbase the opening volley of what’s coming?

According to AMN News based on a Syrian army source, “the military installation was attacked by several missiles,” despite claims by Damascus, blaming a short circuit electrical failure at an arms depot for what happened – no further explanation given.

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