Flashpoint in Syria Risks Global War

Flashpoint in Syria Risks Global War

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Syria is the world’s key hot spot. Flashpoint conditions in the country could escalate into conflict far more serious than already.

Idlib province in northwest Syria bordering Turkey is ground zero in Washington’s war for regime change – a scheme with two key objectives: gaining another imperial trophy and isolating Iran ahead of efforts to topple its government.

Washington, NATO, Israel, Turkey, the Saudis and Jordan are allied against Syria, Russia, Iran, and Hezbollah.

Turkey’s Erdogan pretends to want diplomatic conflict resolution. His actions are polar opposite – illegally occupying northern Syrian territory, aiding terrorists he pretends to oppose, and his latest threat:

Overnight, large numbers of Turkish forces entered Idlib province – armed with tanks, artillery, and other heavy weapons.

According to AMN News, they’re “likely heading towards the front-lines in the Idlib Governorate.” Other heavily armed Turkish forces entered the area days earlier, maybe more to come.

Separately, an Erdogan Wall Street Journal op-ed menacingly headlined “The World Must Stop Assad,” disgracefully calling his legitimate government a “criminal regime” he wants toppled.

He lied calling US-led aggression in Syria “civil war.” There’s nothing remotely “civil” about it – planned and orchestrated many months before launched by Obama. 

Trump hardliners continue what he began, both US regimes using cutthroat killer jihadist foot soldiers and terror-bombing as their regime change strategy.

In his op-ed, Erdogan pretended concern for Syrian civilians he doesn’t give a damn about, focused only on his own self-interest, wanting northern Syrian territory bordering Turkey annexed, especially its oil rich area.

He pretends to be allied with Russia and Iran for diplomatic conflict resolution. Throughout much of the war, he’s played the US and Moscow cards simultaneously to achieve his imperial objectives.

He opposes Syrian/Russian aims to liberate Idlib, pretending concern for civilians in the province – terrorized and held hostage as human shields by jihadists he supports.

The mother of all battles in the war looms in Idlib province, the last major stronghold of US-supported terrorists.

The Kremlin considers their presence an “abscess” essential to eliminate. Russian and Syrian aerial operations began last weeks against their positions. 


The Trump regime and its imperial partners are allied to prevent Idlib’s liberation.

The stakes are huge. The US and Russia deployed large numbers of warships in the Mediterranean Sea near Syria and the Persian Gulf. Their ground personnel are on high alert for any eventuality.

Moscow will do whatever it takes to protect its forces in Syria. On Monday, John Bolton warned of escalated US-led aggression if CWs are used in the battle to liberate Idlib – automatically to be falsely blamed on Damascus like numerous times earlier.

Major media repeated US disinformation, falsely claiming Russia and Syria intend striking civilian targets in Idlib – a Big Lie used earlier in the battles to liberate Aleppo, eastern Ghouta, and elsewhere in the country.

During a Security Council session last Friday, neocon extremist UN envoy Nikki Haley disgracefully claimed Russia and Syria intend “to bomb schools, hospitals, and homes” – a bald-faced lie.

Menacingly she added: “If Assad, Russia, and Iran continue, the consequences will be dire.”

Moscow, Tehran and Hezbollah support Syria’s sovereign independence, territorial integrity, and right of its people alone to decide who’ll lead them – free from foreign interference.

Achieving these objectives requires eliminating US-supported ISIS, al-Nusra and other terrorists infesting the country – notably in Idlib.

It requires ending illegal occupation of northeast and southwest Syria by US and allied forces.

A Final Comment

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Trump regime and its imperial partners may attack Syrian forces in Idlib in response to a (false flag) CW attack – Moscow and Damascus said is imminent, based on what they call “indisputable” evidence.

Russia has state-of-the-art air defense systems deployed in the area – along with numerous warships in the region.

If its personnel on the ground in Syria are threatened or attacked, it’ll surely go all-out to protect them.

What’s developing in Idlib poses huge risks for escalating conflict far more than already, including possible direct US/Russia confrontation.

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My newest book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”


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