Trump Regime Intends Sanctioning Russians for Nonexistent Midterm Election Meddling

Trump Regime Intends Sanctioning Russians for Nonexistent  Midterm Election Meddling

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Not a shred of evidence suggests Russia, any other countries, or their nationals interfered in America’s political process – not in 2016, earlier, or intending to in November.

Accusations and allegations otherwise are bald-faced lies. America is a one-party state with two extremist right wings. Differences between them are largely rhetorical.

Their policies replicate each other on endless wars of aggression, abhorrence of peace, corporate empowerment, neoliberal harshness, and police state control.

What could any foreign government or their nationals gain from meddling in America’s political process when results always turn out the same way each time farcical/money-controlled elections are held? 

Dirty business as usual always wins. Names and faces change. Washington’s agenda remains the same, worsening over time, notably since the Clinton co-presidency, especially post-9/11.

According to the militantly Russophobic NYT, Trump regime hardliners are “preparing a new executive order to allow sanctions of foreign citizens suspected of interference in the American elections, (unnamed) officials who have reviewed the order said,” adding:

“The new order is aimed broadly at any potential outside interference in American elections, but is meant to give the government an additional tool to punish, and deter, Russian entities suspected of trying to spread disinformation or otherwise influence the midterm and subsequent balloting.”

No evidence suggests Russia, anyone connected to its government, or individuals in any other countries intend meddling in America’s money-controlled political process – far too debauched to fix.

The order reportedly gives DNI and other US agencies “the power to identify when foreign interference in an election had taken place, the (unnamed) officials said,” according to the Times, adding: 

“The Treasury Department would be responsible for administering the sanctions against individuals and foreign entities.” 

“The Justice Department, the FBI and intelligence agencies would be involved in investigating allegations of interference.”

Unilaterally imposed sanctions against nations, groups, or individuals are flagrantly illegal. Security Council members alone are empowered to impose them, no one else according to law.

Republican and undemocratic Dem regimes weaponized sanctions, using them to wage war by other means, targeting nations, entities and individuals politically and economically for failing to bend to Washington’s will.

The tactic doesn’t work, harming ordinary people in sanctioned countries alone, never changing government policies – notably not in Iran after nearly 40 years of trying, against Soviet Russia, and the Russian Federation since 2014, beginning with false accusations of “aggression” in Ukraine.

Targeting nations most often is all about their sovereign independence, unwillingness to bend to Washington’s will, along with their opposition to US wars of aggression and destructive imperial agenda.

The Times: US “intelligence officials have said that Russian entities have continued to try to interfere in American democratic institutions.”

Fact: Russophobia in America rages – pockmarked with vicious disinformation, Big Lies an fake news. 

Fact: The Times and other media scoundrels operate as press agents for wealth, power, and privileged interests – repeating the official narrative no matter how implausible, failing to do due diligence checking, supporting what demands condemnation.

The Times: “Facebook and other technology companies have identified what they have said are fake grass-roots campaigns aimed at sowing divisiveness ahead of the November midterm elections.”

Fact: Facebook, Twitter, other social media, Google, Microsoft and other tech giants operate in part as imperial tools.

Last year, Congress near-unanimously passed the Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act (CAATSA). Signed into law by Trump, it unacceptably calls for imposing tougher sanctions than already on Iran, North Korea and Russia.

The new Trump regime executive order adds little to available US tools used to target Russia and any other nations unacceptably and illegally.

Bipartisan Russophobic extremists in Washington continue waging political and economic war on the Russian Federation.

Their reckless agenda, along with the Trump regime/Kremlin face-off in Syria risk escalating things far more seriously than already.

A Final Comment

On Wednesday, Trump signed the executive order explained above. It has nothing to do with protecting the US political process – everything to do with endless Russia bashing.

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