Trump Regime Lies About Saudi-Led Aggression in Yemen

Trump Regime Lies About Saudi-Led Aggression in Yemen

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Yemen is Washington’s war, begun long before the Saudis and UAE began terror-bombing Houthi fighters and civilians in March 2015 – compounded by suffocating blockade conditions.

Along with endless naked aggression, it’s responsible for slow-motion genocide against millions of defenseless Yemenis.

Throughout the conflict, Saudi and UAE warplanes terror-bombed residential areas, hospitals, schools, refugee camps, food storage areas, mosques, marketplaces, and other nonmilitary sites – high crimes against peace, massacring countless thousands civilians in cold blood, atrocities committed with impunity, many targets selected by the US and UK.

Neocon Trump regime hardliner Pompeo committed perjury. On Tuesday, he willfully deceived Congress, saying “the governments of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are undertaking demonstrable actions to reduce the risk of harm to civilians and civilian infrastructure resulting from military operations of these governments” – a bald-faced lie.

He lied saying “(w)e will continue to work closely with the Saudi-led coalition to ensure Saudi Arabia and the UAE maintain support for UN-led efforts to end the civil war in Yemen,” a notion they reject, waging endless war of aggression, supported and encouraged by Washington.

Pompeo lied claiming restoration of peace and stability to Yemen (and all other US war theaters) is “a national priority,” notions Republicans and undemocratic Dems hardliners abhor.

Endless US orchestrated and led aggression in multiple theaters serves America’s imperial agenda. Peace and stability defeat it.

Last month, US war secretary Mattis turned truth on its head, saying the Saudis and UAE are committed to avoid killing civilians in Yemen. They’ve been massacring them indiscriminately throughout the war.

Human rights groups and aid organizations denounced the carnage in Yemen. Oxfam accused the Trump regime of “doubling down on its failed policy of literally fueling the world’s largest humanitarian crisis,” adding:

“The State Department demonstrated that it is blindly supporting military operations in Yemen without any allegiance to facts, moral code or humanitarian law.”

In response to Pompeo and other US officials lying to Congress, Oxfam called for US lawmakers to end Washington’s involvement in the war – a futile request. The overwhelming majority of Republican and undemocratic Dems support endless wars of aggression against nations threatening no one.

Pompeo’s Big Lie came weeks after Saudi/UAE warplanes terror-bombed a school bus in Houthi-controlled northern Saada province’s Dahyan city, killing dozens, including at least 29 young children under age-10, injuring a reported 61 others – one of many US supported and encouraged atrocities throughout the war.

Washington supports endless aggression in Yemen and other war theaters, defenseless civilians harmed most. 

Media scoundrels ignore the carnage, notably in Yemen, a forgotten war responsible for the world’s gravest humanitarian crisis conditions.

On Wednesday, Saudi-UAE terror-bombing massacred at least 15 civilians in Hodeidah province’s Kilo area, their latest atrocity, ignored by Western media.

The Yemen Peace Project repeatedly calls on Congress to pass legislation ending US involvement in the war to no avail.

So did Win Without War’s director Stephen Miles, saying Pompeo and other Trump regime officials “lie through their teeth (about Yemen and all their wars of aggression), completely ignor(ing) all factual evidence to do whatever they want.” 

US aggression rages in Yemen, Syria, elsewhere in the region, Central Asia, and North Africa, other nations on its target list for regime change.

It’s what imperialism is all about, the rage to dominate and exploit no matter the human cost, the highest of high crimes gone unpunished.

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