US and UK Media Scoundrels on Falsely Accused Russians Denying Responsibility for Skripal Incident

US and UK Media Scoundrels on Falsely Accused Russians Denying Responsibility for Skripal Incident

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Theresa May falsely blamed Russia for the March 4 Skripal incident it had nothing to do with. 

Nor were Russian nationals Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshiro used as hitmen to harm Sergey and Yulia Skripal or anyone else. 

Both men are private citizens, unconnected to Russian military intelligence (GRU) or any other government agency. 

They visited Salisbury, Britain as tourists. US and UK intelligence cooked the incident to wrongfully blame Russia for what happened, using both as unwitting patsies.

The NYT practically pronounced them guilty as charged, saying they “resembled…suspects (sic)…identify(ing) themselves as Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshiro, adding:

“British prosecutors formally charged Mr. Petrov and Mr. Boshirov last week with the attempted murder of the Skripals and…police officer” Nick Bailey.

Their interview by RT/Sputnik editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan “signaled a new and bizarre departure in Russia’s official response to” the incident.

Fact: Their names are real, not aliases, as falsely claimed, facts UK authorities knew all along while suggesting otherwise.

Fact: Their explanation of why they were in Salisbury and London was entirely credible.

Fact: They had nothing to do with harming the Skripals. No evidence suggests otherwise.

Fact: The Times supports the US/UK scheme to blame Russia and these men for their own cooked up false flag, claiming the remarks by both men “hammered on a theme that plays well in Russia and that figures in all of the Kremlin’s responses to foreign accusations of wrongdoing by Moscow: Russians are victims, not culprits.”

The militantly Russophobic Times and other media scoundrels consistently support false accusations against Moscow, its officials, and other citizens – except for US/UK supported Putin opponents like Western darling Alexey Navalny, a convicted embezzler, a phony anti-corruption advocate, a political nobody with scant popular support, a self-serving opportunist.

The neocon/CIA house organ Washington Post quoted the May regime’s Foreign Office, falsely accusing Russia of “obfuscation and lies,” WaPo adding:

“(T)heir appearance on RT (appeared) staged.” Salisbury official John Glen was quoted, saying it was “very strange to come all this way for just two days while carrying Novichok in their luggage.”

“The Petrov/Borishov statements are not credible and don’t match the widely accepted intelligence we have on these individuals.”

So-called British “intelligence” was entirely cooked up to falsely blame Russia and its nationals for the US/UK false flag.

The Wall Street Journal stressed the same Big Lie, saying remarks by Petrov and Boshirov “contradict the case presented last week by the British authorities, who identified them as would-be killers for Russian military intelligence and said those names were most likely aliases.”

The Journal showed images of both men arriving at Gatwick airport on March 2, failing to explain they passed through the same space at exactly the same time, no one in front or behind them, doing the impossible, defying the laws of physics.

Accusing them of carrying a deadly novichok nerve agent to harm the Skripals was a bald-faced lie – repeated by the Journal and other media scoundrels.

London’s Guardian disgracefully claimed “(a)fter After Scotland Yard released photographs of the suspects (sic) last week, it seemed only a matter of time before Moscow would have to produce the two men,” adding:

A May regime spokesman repeated the claim that they’re “officers of the Russian military intelligence service – the GRU – who used a devastatingly toxic, illegal chemical weapon on the streets of our country” – a despicable bald-faced Big Lie that won’t die. 

The UK owned and controlled BBC quoted a May regime spokesman, saying “(t)he lies and blatant fabrications in this interview given to a Russian state-sponsored TV station are an insult to the public’s intelligence” – supporting the discredited state-sponsored Big Lie.

BBC reporter Sarah Rainsford shamefully called Simonyan’s interview “carefully choreographed and bizarre…(a) flat denial (of May regime accusations) mixed with mockery.”

US, UK and other media scoundrels consistently report official narrative propaganda, suppressing hard truths. 

Instead of challenging their governments, harming countless numbers of people at home and abroad, they support naked aggression and other policies, benefitting privileged interests at the expense of most others.

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