Will Netanyahu Regime Wage More War on Gaza?

Will Netanyahu Regime Wage More War on Gaza?

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Haaretz and other Israeli media are screaming war, falsely suggesting Hamas seeks another conflict it clearly wants avoided.

Its lightly armed forces are no match against nuclear armed and dangerous Israel, equipped with other powerful land, sea and aerial weapons, its military one of the world’s largest, most formidable and ruthless.

Three premeditated Israeli wars of aggression in the last decade turned Gazan neighborhoods to rubble, killing and injuring countless thousands.

Mostly civilians were harmed, entire families slaughtered by terror-bombing of residential areas, hospitals, clinics, ambulances, universities, mosques, and other civilian sites.

Israel uses white phosphorous, flesh destroying flechette anti-personnel darts, thermobaric bombs able to suck oxygen from spaces and human lungs, along with other terror weapons in all its wars of aggression.

Hamas wants Palestinian unity, peace, and illegal blockade ended – diplomatic efforts pursued to seek these aims, not belligerent confrontation with Israel.

Screaming headlines otherwise turned truth on its head, perhaps setting the stage for more premeditated Israeli aggression to be falsely blamed on Hamas.

Haaretz shamefully published the following screaming headlines and reports: 

“Israel Believes Hamas Gearing Up for War as Gaza Crisis Deepens”

“Deadly Gaza Clashes: Hamas Is Deliberating Testing Israel”

“Netanyahu on Gaza Escalation: Israel Is Preparing for Every Scenario, This Is Not an Empty Statement”

The Times of Israel headlined “Hamas prepares for war as Gaza situation worsens – report”

“IDF: Over 100 bombs, grenades hurled at troops during Friday’s Gaza riots”

Israel National News headlined “Balloon terror: 12 fires in Gaza envelope”

YNet News headlined “12 incendiary balloon fires a day on average”

True enough, beleaguered/long-suffering Gazans, enduring over 11 years of illegal/suffocating Israeli blockade, launched numerous flaming kites and balloons cross-border.

They justifiably responded to intolerable conditions and Israeli killings of nearly 200 Gazans since March 30, injuring over 20,000 others, many seriously, their legitimate right of resistance, no matter how ineffective.

No evidence remotely suggests Hamas ever wanted war with Israel, not earlier or now. Screaming headlines otherwise are fabricated – polar opposite what journalism is supposed to be, reporting facts, not state-sponsored propaganda, Haaretz as irresponsible as hardline Israeli media.

Netanyahu regime and IDF claims about violent Gazan Great March of Return demonstrations are bald-faced lies. For 27 consecutive weeks since March 30, they’ve been consistently peaceful. Not a shred of credible evidence suggests otherwise.

No “riots” occurred, no “bombs” or “grenades hurled,” no violence by Gazan demonstrators of any kind – only by Israeli soldiers, provocatively killing and wounding countless numbers of defenseless Palestinians, armed solely with laudable courage and spirit, demonstrating for rights Israel denies them.

Peaceful demonstrators only threw stones doing no harm, along with burning tires and launching kites and balloons – flaming or otherwise, causing no Israeli military or civilian casualties.

No Palestinian “clashes” with Israeli forces occurred. Soldiers were positioned well behind the border fence out of harm’s way. Violence was one-way – by Israel against Gazans, legitimately demonstrating against suffocating blockade, an act of war by other means.

IDF soldiers illegally used live fire and toxic tear gas against peaceful demonstrators, along with drone and other terror-bombing strikes on Gazan sites – high crimes of war and against humanity gone unpunished.

Claiming Hamas is preparing for war, saying things are more likely to escalate than calm down, adding it’s just a matter of time before Hamas instigates war is shamefull state-sponsored propaganda – reported by Haaretz and other Israeli media instead of responsibly denouncing the fabricated accusation.

In January 2006, Hamas was democratically elected Palestine’s legitimate government. 

It’s not a terrorist organization as Israel and the US falsely claim -its leadership demonized to unjustifiably justify illegal blockade, naked aggression on the Strip at Israel’s discretion, along with maintaining Palestinian disunity, puppet PA leader Abbas obeying his Israeli master.

According to Haaretz, the Times of Israel, and other Israeli media, safety drills conducted by Hamas to protect Gazans in case of war means it’s preparing for one – a shameful perversion of truth.

Citing unnamed Israeli officials, Israeli broadsheets turned truth on its head, claiming Hamas wants war because of failed reconciliation talks and intolerable humanitarian conditions – exacerbated by cutoff of Trump regime aid.

Fact: Israel undermined several Hamas/PA unity initiatives.

Fact: Israeli blockade bears full responsibility for intolerable humanitarian crisis conditions and collapse of Gaza’s economy.

Fact: It’s maintained solely for political, not security, reasons. Hamas threatens no one.

Fact: Abbas is the sworn enemy of Hamas, obeying Israeli orders, mindless of the harm inflicted on two million Gazans by suffocating blockade and naked aggression on the Strip at Israel’s discretion.

Israeli media reports suggest more may be coming – by Israel on Gaza, not initiated by Hamas, as falsely suggested.

It’s not “gearing up for war.” Nor is it “testing Israel.”

These and similar fabricated claims are part of Israeli propaganda war, ahead of perhaps things turning hot at Netanyahu’s discretion.

If launched, Hamas will again be falsely blamed for naked aggression on the Strip and its defenseless people by one of the world’s most ruthless regimes.

Haaretz shamefully lied, claiming “Hamas would be willing to start a war with Israel in order to force all the relevant parties to the negotiating table. There it would try to chalk up as many achievements as possible.”

Reality in Gaza is polar opposite this shameful perversion of truth!

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My newest book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”


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