Sergey Skripal Rejects Official Narrative About His Illness

Sergey Skripal Rejects Official Narrative About His Illness

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

The father and daughter Skripal incident was a US/UK false flag wrongfully blamed on Russia.

Clearly the Kremlin had nothing to do with what happened, no conceivable motive for wanting either of them harmed. 

Claims otherwise were fabricated, the incident part of longstanding Russia bashing.

It’s all about its sovereign independence, superior military strength, opposition to US-led NATO’s imperial agenda and aggressive wars, along with seeking multi-world polarity – increasingly the new reality no matter how the US and its partners try to prevent it.

According to a new book titled “The Skripal Files,” based on interviews conducted in 2017, journalist Mike Urban called Skripal an “unashamed Russian nationalist,” forced to face “difficult psychological adjustment” when he awoke from whatever harmed him.

Clearly it wasn’t a novichok or any other nerve agent, a minute amount able to kill in minutes. Sergey and daughter Yulia are alive and fully recovered from whatever harmed them – impossible if exposed to a deadly nerve agent.

Skripal lives in a MI6-supplied house at an unrevealed location, he and daughter Yulia held incommunicado in seclusion.

According to Urban, he initially rejected the claim that Russia tried to kill him. Spending most of his time watching Russian television, he concurs with Kremlin views on many issues.

Despite believing he’s not endangered by his home country, he allegedly said he’s “afraid of Putin,” no explanation why given if he doesn’t hold Russia responsible for what harmed him and daughter Yulia.

He maintains a low profile – whether voluntarily or forced unexplained in the book, most likely the latter.

If he has nothing to fear and able to live normally, why would he not be seen publicly and be able to comment freely? Why would he and daughter Yulia be secluded?

Brits and UK residents live freely, openly, and are able to move about unobstructed – not the case with the Skripals.

It’s unrevealed where they’re held, an obvious red flag, Russia denied contact with its nationals – clearly showing the Theresa May regime has something to hide.

Urban’s book reveals nothing about why Russia would want Skripal harmed.

On Monday, Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the following:

“From the very beginning, Russia has been offering to take part in the investigation into the incident. But Moscow’s desire has been ignored, and Moscow is deprived of the opportunity to receive any materials,” adding:

“We will no longer engage in discussions with media outlets. The BBC could not confirm anything.”

“The BBC could only make an assumption or something else. And because the whole controversy is evolving in media, we, as the Kremlin, do not want to take part in this discussion any longer.”

The BBC is UK-owned, controlled and operated, scrupulously sticking to the official narrative on all major issues, including the Skripal incident Big Lie.

No evidence suggests Russia had anything to do with it, clearly no motive.

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