Americans Have No Say Over How They’re Governed

Americans Have No Say Over How They’re Governed

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Democracy in America is pure fantasy, the way it’s been from inception. Self-serving privileged interests run things. It’s never been any other way.

Ordinary people have no say whatever. Voting is a waste of time when results always turn out the same way. Governance by both right wings of America’s one-party state largely ignores what matters to them most.

Polls show public opinion overwhelmingly opposed to endless wars, other military interventionism, and military aid to other countries. 

Israel is by far the largest recipient, funds received used for aggression and state terror, not defense. The same goes for Egypt, Colombia, and other recipient countries.

A poll last November by J. Wallin Opinion Research showed over 86% of respondents against foreign military interventions – 57% calling military aid abroad counterproductive.

Over 70% oppose the executive taking the nation to war, urging legislation to prevent it, wanting greater congressional control over this vital issue.

A June CBS poll showed most Americans support universal healthcare, greater economic opportunity, civil rights, and other social justice issues – ones Republicans and undemocratic Dems oppose. 

Less than one-fourth of respondents want lawmakers and political candidates talking about Russia.

A January Kaiser Family Foundation poll showed respondents most concerned about healthcare. 

Pocketbook issues score highest in many polls, followed by healthcare, security, and senior issues (notably Social Security and Medicare).

A rolling seven-day average of recent polls shows 41% of respondents oppose Judge Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation, 33% supporting him, 26% unsure either way – 41% calling Christine Blasey Ford more truthful, 35% taking Kavanaugh’s word over hers.

Despite scant public support, the GOP-controlled Senate confirmed him Saturday by a 50 – 48 vote – one of many examples of Washington’s indifference to public sentiment, especially on vital issues.

America is unfit and unsafe to live in. It’s permanent at war with nations threatening no one.

Money-controlled US-style democracy mocks the real thing. Elections when held are farcical. Dirty business as usual wins every time. Both right wings of one-party rule take turns governing, independents entirely shut out.

Privileged interests are served exclusively over all others – at the expense of what ordinary people want most.

Major media reported official narrative views crowd out independent ones and legitimate dissent – conflicting sentiment considered unAmerican, truth-telling increasingly equated with terrorism, incitement, hate speech, and harassment. 

Increasing online censorship is the new normal, threatening speech, media and academic freedoms, digital democracy on the chopping block for elimination.

ISIS and other terrorists are supported, not opposed. Republicans and undemocratic Dems are hostile to majority public sentiment.


US enemies are invented, not real. None existed since WW II ended. America’s deplorable state should scare everyone.

Poverty, homelessness, hunger, unemployment, underemployment, and overall deprivation in America are increasing under both right wings of duopoly governance – while Wall Street, other corporate interests, and high-net-worth households never had things better.

Is US hubris and arrogance too debauched to change? Does its rage for unchallenged dominance risk inevitable nuclear war?

Will the human species be the first ever to destroy itself? Is higher intelligence a threat to survival, not a blessing?

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My newest book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”

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