Haaretz Falsely Claims Assad Helped Create ISIS

Haaretz Falsely Claims Assad Helped Create ISIS

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Israeli media resemble their deplorable Western counterparts, Haaretz the best of what’s polar opposite responsible journalism.

Most often it sticks to the official disinformation narrative, notably in reporting on Israeli enemies – especially legitimate Palestinian resistance groups, Hezbollah, and Syria’s Assad.

Reports by its military and defense columnist Amos Harel read like IDF press releases, supporting its naked aggression, suppressing what’s vital to explain, including horrific Israeli high crimes of war and against humanity.

On Sunday, Haaretz disgracefully claimed Syria’s Assad “helped create ISIS to win in Syria and got away with the crime of the century” – an outrageous perversion of truth.

Fact: Washington created ISIS, Al Qaeda, its Al Nusra offshoot, and other terrorist groups, using them as proxy fighters where they’re deployed, arming them with heavy weapons, training them in CW use, directing their atrocities, largely against defenseless civilians.

Fact: The Obama regime launched naked aggression on Syria in March 2011, endless war in its 8th year against a nation threatening no one.

Fact: There’s nothing “civil” about what’s going on in Syria, as Haaretz, other media, along with what Western and Israeli officials claim.

Haaretz: “…Assad helped incubate the extremism that led to the rise of the Islamic State and the further spread of jihadism in Syria – the very elements he now vows to destroy in Idlib, the last rebel enclave in the country and home to millions of civilians and refugees,” citing unnamed so-called “experts.”

Fact: Cold, hard reality is polar opposite this Big Lie. All so-called “rebels” in Syria are US, NATO, Turkish, Saudi, and Israeli supported terrorists. No moderate opposition forces exist other than perhaps Kurdish YPG fighters.

Haaretz disgracefully equated Assad and Libya’s Gaddafi to regional “despots like Egypt’s Hosni Mubarach” – ignoring the most ruthless Middle East regimes, notably Israel from inception, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt’s US-trained and appointed Abdel Fattah el-Sisi.

Haaretz: “In 2011, months after the uprising against Assad began in Daraa and quickly started to destabilize the country, his regime released thousands of jihadists from Syria’s now infamous prisons.”

Fact: The Obama regime staged the so-called “uprising” to replace Assad with pro-Western puppet rule, Washington’s agenda continued by Trump hardliners.

Endless war, mass slaughter and destruction, instability, the severest refugee crisis since WW II, and human misery followed. 

The US bears full responsibility for what’s happening, shared by Israel and their other imperial partners.

Claims about Assad using jihadists as foot soldiers are bald-faced lies – how the US, NATO, the Saudis, Turks, and Israel operate, not Syria.

Haaretz: “…Assad fomented chaos and terror to discredit the opposition and ensure that the West wouldn’t intervene against him.”

Fact: Another bald-faced lie! Washington and its imperial partners intervened against Syria straightaway in 2011. 

US-led NATO terror-bombing began in 2014, responsible for massacring countless tens of thousands of civilians and destroying vital infrastructure.

The IDF admitted conducting over 200 terror-bombing attacks on Syrian targets in the last two years alone.

Reportedly its aggression began at least five years ago – on the phony pretexts of preventing arms transfers to Hezbollah and targeting Iranian bases in Syria that don’t exist.

Haaretz’s report was right out of the Netanyahu regime’s playbook. It disgracefully vilified an overwhelmingly popular legitimate Syrian leader.

It ignored US, NATO, Turkish, Saudi, Israeli high crimes committed against the country and its long-suffering people – falsely blaming them on Assad.

Its report was shameless propaganda, polar opposite what truth-telling journalism is supposed to be.

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My newest book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”


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