Russian Foreign Ministry on Syria, Iran, the Skripal Incident, and Hillary Clinton

Russian Foreign Ministry on Syria, Iran, the Skripal Incident, and Hillary Clinton

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Commenting on Syria, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman  Maria Zakharova (MZ below) said Moscow and Damascus opened a humanitarian corridor so Idlib province residents can reach government controlled areas if able to escape being held hostage by US-supported terrorists.

Despite some Idlib opposition groups going along with a demilitarized zone, Al Nusra and other US-supported jihadists refused.

They’re provocatively “escalating tension along the perimeter of the Idlib de-escalation zone and making calls to continue the ‘resistance’ to government troops,” MZ explained, adding: 

“(T)he terrorists are trying to prevent opposition groups who expressed their desire to lay down arms and join the political process” from leaving.

Reports still indicate a false flag CW attack is planned to be wrongfully blamed on government forces.

Staged scenes were earlier videotaped, some sent to media. Civilians, including women and children, were kidnapped to be used as props for one or more staged incidents.

MZ: “Russia is committed to keeping up its uncompromising fight against terrorism until its full elimination from the Syrian land.”

Social and economic infrastructure is being gradually restored to liberated areas, Russia heavily involved, along with providing humanitarian aid.

According to Damascus, about 50,000 refugees returned to Syria since January.

MZ: Russia supports “the Iranian military(’s) right to assist Syria in combatting international terrorism since they have an invitation to this effect from the Syrian government.”

US, Turkish, UK, and French occupiers operate in the country illegally.

Commenting on IAEA chief Yukiya Amano affirming Iran’s full compliance with JCPOA nuclear deal provisions, MZ said the following:

He “has every right to make statements on matters relating to the statutory activities of the Agency. We fully share Mr Amano’s approach to verification work in Iran reflected in his official statement on October 2.”

“Iran is the most vigorously IAEA-verified country today.” It’s in full compliance with its nuclear obligations.

Britain continues to stonewall Russia’s request for evidence on the Skripal incident, Russia falsely blamed for what it had nothing to do with.

MZ: “(W)e are witnessing an elaborate theatrical production…London relies on its favorite tactic of planting stories, only to debunk them later, which happens often.”

Big Lies substitute for verifiable facts. The Skripal and Amesbury incidents “are being used in the domestic political contest to advance various interests – to boost approval ratings, or in an attempt to damage political opponents,” said MZ.

The May regime “fanatically…believe(s) (it) do(esn’t) need to present any proof.” Turning truth on its head saying “highly likely” is good enough. No legitimate tribunal would accept it.

MZ asked: “Where and in what condition are the victims, the Russian citizens Sergey and Yulia Skripal? Why has there been no access to them for more than six months?”

What is the May regime hiding? Clearly it’s concealing the truth.

At a conference in Washington, Hillary Clinton outrageously compared nonexistent Russian US election interference to the 9/11 attacks – the mother of all US false flag incidents, she failed to explain.

MZ politely called her accusation “ridiculous,” asking:

“What makes Hillary Clinton say what she says? Is it really so difficult to accept one’s own failures and blunders that one has to make such bizarre, absurd and wild statements?”

The Trump regime exceeds the worst of its predecessors. A Hillary presidency would have been humanity’s worst nightmare – the most ruthlessly dangerous aspirant in history for the highest US office.

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