Israel Unlawfully Punishes Family of Palestinian Suspect

Israel Unlawfully Punishes Family of Palestinian Suspect

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Collective punishment is longstanding Israeli policy, flagrantly violating international law.

Its double standard justice needs no elaboration. Cold-blooded killings of Palestinians largely go unreported, victims most often blamed for state-sponsored terror.

When one or more Palestinians are suspected of killing Israeli Jews, collective punishment nearly always follows – against families, neighborhoods or entire communities.

On Sunday, two Israeli settlers were killed, another severely injured near the northern West Bank Ariel settlement.

It’s unknown who’s responsible for the incident, Palestinians virtually always blamed when anyone harms a settler or other Jew.

Despite no evidence proving it, Israel believes 23-year-old Ashraf Naalwa carried out the shootings.

Following the incident, security forces sealed off the area to conduct intrusive searches, an IDF spokesman saying:

“The circumstances leading to the incident are still being investigated, and all angles are being examined. The suspect worked for seven months in the industrial area and was granted a work permit which was supposed to expire next month.”

On Tuesday, Israeli forces stormed Shweika village in the Tulkarem district. Naawla’s mother, two sisters, and other village residents were lawlessly arrested and detained, aiming to pressure him to surrender to authorities, even if innocent of the crime.

Reportedly, Naawla family members know nothing about the shooting incident. Following what happened on Monday, hundreds of Palestinians were prevented from entering the Barkan industrial zone where the shootings occurred. They were subjected to intrusive searches.

Harsh interrogations of Palestinians always follow violent incidents, especially isolated in detention with no counsel or other outside contacts. 

Preparations were made to demolish the Naawla home. It’s longstanding unlawful Israeli practice to hold entire families responsible for charges against any of its members – true or false.

That’s the harsh reality of apartheid rule, Israel’s version far more draconian than South Africa’s.

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