No Russian Plan to Intervene Militarily in Libya

No Russian Plans to Intervene Militarily in Libya

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

In 2011, US-led aggression in Libya to replace Gaddafi with pro-Western puppet rule transformed Africa’s most developed/stable nation into a cauldron of endless violence and chaos.

Wherever Washington intervenes militarily, mass slaughter, destruction, turmoil, and human misery follow – how imperial rage for dominance always turns out.

Countless millions perished or suffer grievously in all US war theaters. They’re some of history’s greatest high crimes, no end of them in prospect.

New preemptive wars are planned, possible nuclear war if US military confrontation with Russia, China, or Iran occurs, an ominous possibility given Washington’s rage to transform all sovereign independent countries into US vassal states.

In 2011, Dmitry Medvedev was Russian president, a figure the Saker calls an “Atlantic integrationist” threat.

In March 2011, the Security Council approved Resolution 1973. Russia failed to veto what permitted US-led aggression in Libya.

The resolution authorized “all necessary measures…to protect civilians and civilian populated areas under threat of attack,” including a no-fly zone and illegal air strikes.

US-led terror-bombing raged for months. Russia failed to intervene militarily as in Syria. War ended in October 2011 with Gaddafi’s sodomized death. 

As Obama’s secretary of state at the time, unapologetic war goddess Hillary Clinton infamously said: “We came. We saw. He died” – rejoicing about cold-blooded murder and destruction of a nation she helped orchestrate.

Endless violence and chaos continues in the country, no end of it in prospect. 

The Sun is a UK right-wing tabloid broadsheet. On October 8, it falsely claimed “Russia is moving troops and missiles into Libya in a bid to enforce a new stranglehold on the West,” adding:

“Intelligence chiefs have told (PM Theresa May) that Vladimir Putin wants to make the wartorn North African country ‘his new Syria.’ ”

“(S)eizing control of the biggest illegal immigration route to Europe is seen as Moscow’s primary goal.”

“(D)ozens” of GRU military intelligence and Spetznaz special forces are “on the ground in eastern Libya…carrying out training and liaison roles.”

“Two Russian military bases (were established) in Tobruk and Benghazi…”

The Sun quoted Tory hardline Foreign Affairs committee chairman Tom Tugendhat saying:

“It’s is extremely alarming Russia wants to open up a new front against the West in Libya, but it should also come as no surprise. They will without a doubt try to exploit migration routes across Africa.”

Russia’s embassy in London debunked the report, saying:

“This publication has nothing to do with reality. We are treating it as a new attempt to shift the responsibility for the ruined country and destroyed lives of millions of Libyans on Russia which had no relation to the 2011 NATO military intervention which grossly violated the whole range of UN Security Council resolutions.”

Stability and rule of law is absent in Libya. Rival governments control parts, not all of the country.

Ordinary Libyas suffer hugely. Vital services are partly or entirely lacking for most of its people, including healthcare, education, proper nutrition, sanitation and security.

Up to one-third of Libyans need humanitarian aid to survive. Deplorable conditions in the country are polar opposite how things were under Gaddafi.

US-led imperial rage destroyed the nation to control it. Media coverage on what’s going on today is virtually nonexistent. 

Republicans and undemocratic Dem support all US imperial wars, mindless of their illegality and human toll they’re dismissive about.

The Obama regime accomplished its objective, replacing responsible, stable governance with endless violence and chaos, what characterizes all US active and post-conflict war theaters.

Nations are raped and destroyed, their sovereign independence lost, their people immiserated. 

Targeted states are transformed into havens for ISIS and other US supported terrorist groups – what its imperialism is all about, its ravages largely ignored by Western media.

Russia’s intervention in Syria at Assad’s request turned the tide of battle from virtually certain defeat to hoped for triumph.

Under Medvedev’s leadership, the Kremlin abstained from preventing war in Libya, along with failing to intervene against US-supported terrorists the way Putin did in Syria.

What’s going on in both countries needs no elaboration. US imperial aims so far in Syria were thwarted. 

Deplorable conditions in Libya are polar opposite. Its socially responsible Jamahiriaya governance no longer exists.

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