PLO Suspending Agreements with Israel?

PLO Suspending Agreements with Israel?

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Illegitimate Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas, installed by Israel in January 2005, is a longtime collaborator with the Jewish state – serving its interests for special benefits received, enriching himself at the expense of Palestinians he long ago abandoned.

The same goes for likeminded PLO officials, hostile toward Palestinians, serving as Israel’s enforcer.

On Monday, the PLO’s central council announced its intention to suspend all agreements with Israel, including recognition of the Jewish state, until it formally recognizes Palestinian statehood within pre-June 1967 lines – a statement saying:

“We recognize the right to resist the occupation in all methods that comply with international law,” including suspension of “all forms” of security cooperation, along with withdrawal from financial agreements – ones ignored by the Netanyahu regime.

Monday’s vote was non-binding, unlikely to be implemented other than short term to make a meaningless statement. Abbas has final say.

Earlier PLO announced suspensions of agreements with Israel in 2015 and January 2018 weren’t implemented – the same outcome likely this time.

When it comes to PLO/Israeli relations, Abbas notoriously says one thing and does another.

Last week, he said “(w)e are going to put all the agreements between us and the Israelis on the table, and we will ask them to stop violating each agreement,” adding:

“I am not saying this is an easy issue. It is a dangerous issue. Perhaps we will arrive at the point of abrogating a lot of what is between us and the Israelis.”

All PLO agreements with Israel since Oslo in September 1993 benefitted the Jewish state exclusively at the expense of fundamental Palestinian rights – a generation of betrayal by PLO officials.

Chances for turning a new page ahead are virtually nil. Abbas and other key PLO officials have much to lose by going this way – including their lives.

They could end up like Yasser Arafat, poisoned to death by Ariel Sharon for becoming more of a liability than an asset – when the second intifada was raging.

Sharon declared war Palestinian freedom fighters. “We must fight this terrorism in an uncompromising war to uproot these savages, to dismantle their infrastructure because there is no compromise with terrorists,” he roared, adding:

“This terrorism is activated, coordinated and directed by one man, Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat.”

He was targeted for elimination. Sharon awaited Washington’s approval. If Abbas abandons agreements with Israel, he’ll likely meet the same fate or be politically deposed – replaced by another collaborative PLO official.

On Monday, the PLO central council also slammed Trump’s so-called “deal of the century” scheme to end longstanding Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

His unacceptable terms benefit the Jewish state exclusively, demanding Palestinian submissiveness to its demands in return for continued apartheid harshness.

Abbas was disingenuous, saying it’s time to go along with the central council’s call for suspending agreements with Israel.

For a generation he’s been submissive to Israeli interests. At age-82, his health reportedly deteriorating, he’s unlikely to risk his life and welfare by turning a new page.

Ignore his rhetoric. Follow his actions only. He’s hostile to Palestinians, not their ally.

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