Israeli Fake News About Hamas

Israeli Fake News on Hamas

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

On geopolitical issues, along with most everything related to Occupied Palestine, especially blockaded Gaza, Israeli media stick to the official falsified narrative, suppressing what’s vital to report.

Hamas is a legitimate political organization, its military wing for self-defense. It’s not a terrorist organization, as falsely designated by the State Department at the behest of Israel.

The Jewish state needs Palestinian enemies to unjustifiably justify apartheid persecution, especially the Gaza blockade, enforced solely for political, not security, reasons.

Fed up with Fatah’s institutionalized corruption and willingness to serve as Israel’s enforcer, Palestinians overwhelmingly elected Hamas their legitimate government in January 2006.

Its leaders promised an end to serving Israeli interests at the expense of Palestinian rights. US and Israeli harshness followed, including illegally blockading Gaza. 

It continues endlessly as long as Hamas is a convenient enemy both countries need – despite posing no threat to Israeli or regional security.

Hamas’ 2006 electoral triumph benefitted Israel, reinventing its leaders as security threats, unjustifiably justifying suffocating blockade, persecuting an entire population, waging wars and other hostile incidents at its discretion.

Hamas and other Palestinians are consistently blamed for Israeli high crimes. As long as the Jewish state has full US support, it’s able to get away with holding an entire population hostage to its viciousness.

A fake news Haaretz report claimed the Netanyahu regime “decide(d) against toppling Hamas…seek(ing) (only) to weaken it,” adding:

“Israel’s  policy on Hamas has not changed; the plan to keep the group in power in the Strip stems from a desire to prevent a collapse of Gaza’s infrastructure, a problem that could harm Israel as well.”

Fact: Israel’s suffocating blockade created years of humanitarian crisis conditions, along with destroying Gaza’s infrastructure and economy, causing it to collapse – precisely its aims, along with falsely accusing Hamas of being a security threat.

Fact: The Jewish state’s three wars of aggression in the last decade were all about causing mass slaughter, destruction, and human misery – overwhelmingly targeting civilians, entire communities destroyed, dozens of families murdered in cold blood.

Fact: Israel considers civilians legitimate targets, flagrantly violating international law – its wars of aggression the highest of high crimes, what Western and Israeli media never explain.

Fact: Israel’s blockade has nothing to do with deterring Hamas, as Haaretz falsely claimed.

Fact: Claiming the Netanyahu regime “support(s) efforts to reach an agreement that will restore quiet to” Gaza is a bald-faced lie. Israel’s aim is polar opposite, needing violence and chaos to justify its harshness.

Fact: Hamas is an invented enemy, not a legitimate one.

Fact: Haaretz and other Israeli media fail to explain that Fourth Geneva and other international laws prohibit collective punishment, along with requiring civilians be kept out of harm’s way during conflicts.

Netanyahu lied claiming he’s “working to prevent (Gazans from) harm(ing) our soldiers and communities.”

They face no threat from Gazans or any other Palestinians.

Netanyahu lied again saying “we’re working to prevent a humanitarian crisis, which is why we’re willing to accept the UN and Egyptian mediation efforts to achieve quiet and fix the electricity situation” – IDF terror-bombing destroyed, he failed to explain.

Haaretz failed to expose his Big Lies. It quoted an unnamed Israeli source, saying “there is no diplomatic solution with a group that wants to destroy us. The only solution is deterrence…”

Israel is waging war on Gazans and other Palestinians without declaring it. Its only threats are invented one – the same strategy Washington uses as a pretext for endless wars of aggression.

Haaretz and other Israeli media fail to explain what’s going on. They fail to lay blame where it belongs – Israel the aggressor, Palestinian civilians their targeted victims.

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