Multiple US Orchestrated CW False Flags Planned in Syria?

Multiple US Orchestrated CW False Flags Planned in Syria?

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

False flags are a US tradition, dating from at least the mid-19th century – 9/11 the mother of them all, staged as a pretext to wage endless wars of aggression, along with destruction of fundamental homeland freedoms.

Not a shred of evidence suggests Syrian forces used CWs any time during years of war. Plenty of indisputable evidence proves US-supported ISIS and other terrorists used them numerous times – wrongfully blamed on Damascus.

On October 31, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman General Igor Konashenkov warned about multiple CW incidents planned in Idlib, Aleppo, and elsewhere in Syria.

“Besides similar (CW) provocations (planned in various) Syrian regions, (y)esterday, residents of Aleppo province informed (us) that (terrorists) were preparing another action,” he said, adding: 

“…White Helmets arrived at populated localities of Azaz, Marea and Chobanbei, carrying professional video equipment. Along with this, tanks with poisonous substances, allegedly chlorine gas, have been brought in.”

“We have repeatedly informed the public about attempts by radical militants and the White Helmets, notorious for their fakes, to organize provocations using chemical agents and accusing government forces of using chemical weapons against the local population.”

Russia is closely monitoring what’s going on. One or more CW incidents could occur any time – falsely blamed on Damascus as a pretext for US-led terror-bombing of Syrian sites, escalating naked aggression more than already.

Konashenkov said “six vehicles of radiation, chemical and biological intelligence have been redeployed and arrayed at Russian outposts in immediate proximity to the Idlib demilitarized zone.”

“Those vehicles’ crews will be monitoring the radiation, chemical and biological situation regularly.”

Turkistan Islamic Party jihadists allied with al-Nusra, other terrorist groups, and complicit White Helmets are preparing to launch multiple CW attacks, he stressed.

“The Russian Center for Reconciliation of the Opposing Sides has obtained information that on October 27 terrorists from the Turkistan Islamic Party transported 20 ten-liter chlorine containers from Maarat al-Nu’man to carry out provocations.” 

“They were unloaded in the inhabited communities of Kfar Nebel and al-Huash.”

Russian intelligence learned that ISIS and other terrorists in Syria continue being supplied with heavy Western (and Israeli) weapons, munitions and military equipment.

“We are closely monitoring these arms supply channels and have established a special commission for that purpose,” Konashenkov explained.

With US help, ISIS terrorists recaptured areas east of Euphrates River, previously liberated from their control. US-led terror-bombing continues massacring civilians, including with use of while phosphorous and other banned weapons.

Konashenkov called the attacks “indiscriminate…result(ing) in numerous civilian deaths” – mass slaughter happening repeatedly.

“As a result of irresponsible steps of the United States, which unlawfully seized a Syrian swathe area, a catastrophic humanitarian situation has been unfolding at the al-Rukban refugee camp” and elsewhere in Syria. 

“…American instructors are intensively training (ISIS and other terrorists…no longer hiding” what’s going on.

Conditions in raped and destroyed Raqqa, as well as other US-controlled areas, are catastrophic.

“(A)narchy, hunger and havoc” stalks them, Konashenkov explained. They’re “a breeding ground” for the recruitment and training of increased numbers of jihadists. Countless thousands of rotting corpses remain unrecovered under rubble.

US/UK-supported White Helmets terrorists selected “residents…to participate in staged (CW) video shoots in exchange for food.”

If staged CW incidents occur as Russia expects, falsely blamed on Damascus, virtually certain US escalation of war will follow, making resolution more unattainable than already.

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