Erdogan Part of the Problem in Syria, Not the Solution

Erdogan Part of the Problem in Syria, Not the Solution

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Erdogan rules Turkey with iron-fisted ruthlessness – tolerating no opposition or criticism. 

Like America, the West and Israel, the Turkish state is a fantasy democracy, not the real thing.

Erdogan is a regional menace, abhorring peace and stability, rejecting fundamental rights for Turkey’s ordinary people, at war with Kurds domestically and cross-border.

His ongoing military operations in Syria and occupation of its territory bordering Turkey are flagrantly illegal.

He supports ISIS and likeminded jihadists, pretending otherwise, supplying them with weapons, munitions and toxic agents, letting them move freely cross-border to and from Syria and Iraq.

He plays the US and Russia card simultaneously, serving his own self-interest, including his longstanding aim to annex oil-rich northern Iraq and Syrian territory.

He pretends to want diplomatic conflict resolution while maintaining a military posture in northern Syria. Washington and Russia OK’d his aggression.

In September, Putin suspended a vital ground and aerial operation to liberate Idlib province from US-supported terrorists – going along with Erdogan and Trump.

Appeasing the US, Israel and Turkey in Syria is defeatist. Failure to confront their aggression encourages more of it, risking something far more serious than what’s going on now, jeopardizing world peace and stability more than already.

On October 30, AMN News reported that Erdogan is preparing to launch a major offensive against Kurdish YPG fighters in northern Syria, escalating war instead of seeking to end it – more proof that he’s part of the problem.

“We are ready to smash the (US-supported Kurdish) terrorist structure east of the Euphrates. We have completed preparations for this issue,” he roared, adding: 

“In the near future, we will drive the terrorist organization into a corner through a large-scale and efficient operation. One night we will suddenly come.”

He wants territory east of the Euphrates River occupied and controlled. He’s militantly hostile to Assad, allied with Washington in wanting him deposed, supporting Syria’s partition to facilitate his aim to annex its northern territory bordering Turkey.

Days earlier, he lied, saying Assad “killed nearly one million of his citizens. He is not someone who we hold in high esteem,” adding: 

“Massacres continue as before, but it is our wish that this process comes to an end and the people of Syria can begin to live their lives again.” 

He stopped short of demanding Assad step down, an objective he seeks. Washington, NATO, Turkey, Israel, the Saudis, UAE, and terrorists they support bear full responsibility for mass slaughter and destruction in Syria – not Assad, combating the scourge these countries support.

Time and again, Erdogan proved he can never be trusted. Allying with Russia and Iran on resolving conflict in Syria was always suspect.

Both countries know the risks of dealing with a ruthless despot – concerned only about his own self-interest, adversely affecting regional stability.

His disdain for peace, stability, equity, justice, and democratic values makes him an enemy of objectives Russia and Iran seek in Syria and the region.

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