Three Israeli Critics Elected to Congress Won’t Change a Thing

Three Israeli Critics Elected to Congress Won’t Change a Thing

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Bipartisan congressional support for Israel is rock solid. It’s been this way for decades without any prospect for weakening the longstanding special relationship.

Rarely is anyone critical of Israel elected to either house, its lobby going all-out to defeat them in future elections when happens.

According to the Center for Responsible Politics, “(f)ew lobbies dedicated to international issues are so active and well-financed as the Israel lobby,” adding: 

“The question of Israel’s future has the right mix to attract monied interests. It’s a highly fractious issue with high stakes, and it plays a big role in domestic politics.”

Super-PAC mega-donor, close Netanyahu ally, billionaire Sheldon Adelson alone contributed $92.8 million to GOP super-PACs earlier, millions of dollars more annually. 

The power of money keeps Congress strongly pro-Israel, large sums earmarked for Israeli loyalists and candidates opposing anyone not solidly for the Jewish state.

Political action committees nationwide supply large amounts of pro-Israeli funding – AIPAC the most prominent member of the powerful Israeli lobby community of Zionist organizations.

Cheers about three newly elected Dem women/Israeli critics are way overblown. Their presence against virtually all other House and Senate members/Israeli supporters won’t make a dime’s worth of difference in US policy toward the Jewish state.

They also have yet to establish a voting record as House members – all that counts. Campaign rhetoric is meaningless. Most often, promises made are breached, rare profiles in courage the exceptions.

Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib are the first Muslim women elected to Congress – Omar a Somali, Tlaib a Palestinian America, for both women a historic first, true as well for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

She’s the youngest woman ever elected to Congress, scoring a stunning triumph over longtime undemocratic Dem/Wall Street favorite incumbent Rep. Joe Crowley in New York’s primary election, then triumphing last Tuesday.

The notion that these women and several other candidates defeating machine favorites represents a progressive wave in Washington is nonsensical.

The electoral result changed nothing. Dirty business as usual won like every time before. Even claims about a record midterm turnout were way overblown.

Over half the electorate opted out. The turnout was 48.1%, the highest for a midterm election since 1966 at 48.7%.

Rave notices are unjustified when most Americans don’t vote – clearly because their franchise makes no difference in how the country is run.

Governance of, by, and for its monied interests is how it’s always been since America’s inception. One-party rule with two extremist right wings runs things.

Powerful interests control them, including the dominant Israeli lobby, the most influential in determining US foreign policy, assuring strong support for the Jewish state and its regional interests.

It’s encouraging that Omar called Israel an apartheid state while campaigning. Yet she doesn’t support BDS activism, the single most effective initiative against Israeli ruthlessness.

Palestinian/American Tlaib called for ending US (predominantly military) aid for Israel. Its alleged enemies are invented, not real.

Ocasio-Cortez criticized Israel’s May 14 “massacre” in Gaza, killing dozens and injuring hundreds. Yet she softened her criticism of its apartheid rule.

In July, she stepped back from earlier calling herself an “activist.” No longer, she said, vowing to represent everyone in New York’s heavily Jewish 14th congressional district, promising to “learn and evolve.”

She was and likely remains uncomfortable about the term “occupation,” saying at the time she’s not an expert on Middle East issues, adding: “I may not use the right words.”

Waffling shows weakness, not strength, an indication of how she may vote on issues related to the region, notably what affects Israel, the Palestinians, Syria, and Iran.

It’s way too early to know, but she may turn out to be the most over-hyped/disappointing self-styled “progressive” once the 116th Congress convenes in January.

Two Israeli critics were defeated on Tuesday. Leslie Cockburn lost to Trump supporter Denver Riggleman, contesting for Virginia’s 5th congressional district.

Scott Wallace lost to former FBI special agent/GOP candidate Brian Fitzpatrick for Pennsylvania’s 8th congressional district.

The power of AIPAC and dozens of other US Zionist organizations most often prevails.

Zionist ideologue Rep. Eliot Engel said Ocasio-Cortez, Omar, and Tlaib must be “educated” about Israel.

If vote against its interests, their congressional tenure may be short-lived. Israeli lobby big money will no doubt support their opponents in 2020, a tough obstacle to overcome, most often prevailing.

Congress is stacked with pro-Israel ideologues. It’s why whatever the Jewish state wants, it usually gets – including billions of dollars annually.

US taxpayers unwittingly assure Israel gets over $10 million daily of their money and lots more benefits – used for ill, not good.

America’s dominant media are largely silent about Israeli abuses, supporting the Jewish state, manipulating the public mind about the country.

A Final Comment

If Americans Knew explained the power of Israeli lobby money in supporting pro-Israel candidates, along with influencing congressional legislation, saying the following:

“A detailed scoreboard on candidates for the Senate and House of Representatives shows that 28 pro-Israel PACs and numerous pro-Israel individuals have given candidates millions of dollars in campaign contributions.” 

“The scoreboard presents 29 bills and resolutions that were introduced on behalf of Israel…20 passed into law or on-record statement, many by unanimous consent. The legislation has accrued a total of over 3,300 co-sponsors…”

“Over 80 congressional challengers have also accepted donations from at least one pro-Israel PAC; most from more than one.”

The power of Israel in America assures strong congressional and  White House support. It’s been this way since the Jewish state’s creation.

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