US Involvement in Syria All About Regime Change

US Involvement in Syria All About Regime Change

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Launched by the Obama regime in March 2011, orchestrated by Hillary Clinton in cahoots with NATO partners, Israel and the Saudis, war in its eighth year has no prospect for near-term resolution.

From the onset, it was and remains about toppling overwhelmingly popular Bashar al-Assad, replacing him with pro-Western puppet rule.

That’s what all US wars of aggression are all about, making the world safe for America’s military, industrial, security, media complex, Wall Street and other corporate interests.

US war in Syria has nothing to do with combating the scourge of ISIS Washington created and supports, along with al-Qaeda, its al-Nusra offshoot, and other regional terrorist groups. 

In Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, and elsewhere, they’re used as proxy foot soldiers, letting them do America’s killing and dying in pursuit of its imperial objectives, supporting them with US-led terror-bombing, massacring countless tens of thousands of defenseless civilians.

That’s the stark reality of all US wars, what Western media never report, pretending US aggression is about humanitarian intervention and responsibility to protect, polar opposite Washington’s objectives.

Republicans and undemocratic Dems are disdainful about the rights and welfare of ordinary people everywhere, at home and abroad, planet earth transformed by their belligerence into an endless battleground, eventual nuclear war an ominous possibility.

US forces came to targeted nations to stay – on the phony pretext of combatting ISIS, a myth Western media disinformation reports support, suppressing vital hard truths.

James Franklin Jeffrey is Trump regime special representative for Washington’s imperial agenda in Syria. 

US forces intend staying in the country until the “enduring defeat” of ISIS, he told reporters – telling them the way it is regarding permanent US occupation of northern and southern Syrian territory, willfully lying about claiming they came to combat ISIS Washington supports.

His call for all foreign forces to leave Syria, other than US and Russian ones, is all about Washington’s opposition to Hezbollah fighters and Iranian military advisors aiding Damascus combat the scourge of US-supported terrorists.

Tehran said it’ll remain involved in the conflict as long as Bashar al-Assad seeks its help, its military advisors invited to the country like Russian and Hezbollah forces.

US, UK, French, and Turkish forces operate illegally in Syria as aggressors. Assad calls them “invaders.”

Jeffrey urged the Kremlin to go along with Israeli terror-bombing of Syrian sites, claiming its to combat “Iranian targets.” 

There are none. Its military advisors operate from Syrian bases and Damascus. They have no combat troops in the country, actively engaged in the fighting, nor warplanes involved.

Jeffrey ignored US terror-bombing of Syrian sites since 2014, massacring tens of thousands of civilians, notably in raped and destroyed Raqqa, along with destroying vital Syrian infrastructure – committing Nuremberg-level crimes of war and against humanity.

He lied claiming Washington seeks political resolution to years of war. The US wants it continued endlessly for regime change, blocking good faith Russian diplomatic efforts in Geneva, Astana and Sochi.

“Assad has no future in Syria,” he  roared, wanting him illegally forced from office. International law is clear. No nations may interfere in the internal affairs of other countries – except in self-defense if attacked.

Russia, Iran, and Lebanon’s Hezbollah support Syrian sovereign independence, its territorial integrity, and exclusive right of its people to choose their leadership and governance – free from foreign interference.

US, NATO, Turkish, Israeli, and Saudi aims in the country are polar opposite – why endless war rages with no diplomatic resolution because Washington wants Assad toppled, another imperial trophy gained.

A Final Comment

On Tuesday, Mike Pompeo tweeted: US Treasury sanctions “targeting the Russia-Iran oil scheme to prop up Assad, and finance Hizballah & Hamas, (send) a clear message: there are grave consequences for anyone shipping oil to Syria, or trying to evade US sanctions on the Islamic Republic’s terrorist activities (sic).”

On Tuesday, the Trump regime imposed illegal sanctions on three Russian companies, along with Iran’s Tadbir Kish Medical and Pharmaceutical Company. 

Russian, Iraqi, Lebanese, and Syrian nationals were also illegally sanctioned. The US Treasury warned international shipping companies against interfering with the Trump regime’s aim to crush Syria and Iran economically and financially.

US political, economic, financial, and military activities against both countries and other nations are flagrantly illegal.

Syria and Iran are united against US imperial aims. Its regime change agenda against Iran for nearly 40 years failed.

Russia’s intervention in Syria turned the tide of battle on the ground, most of the country liberated from US-supported terrorists.

US Middle East, Central Asia, and North African imperial aims are a colossal failure, losing in Syria and Lebanon, the AfPak war lost years ago, Libya transformed into a charnel house, maintaining shaky control over Iraq.

Endless US wars rage with no clearly defined plan for triumphing – waged anyway in multiple theaters to enrich America’s military, industrial establishment, including Wall Street, and other war-profiteers.

Countless millions of post-9/11 casualties from US aggression is a nonissue in Washington. Western media suppress what’s vital to report.

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