Russian Truth-Telling v. US Big Lies on Latest CW Incident in Syria

Russian Truth-Telling v. US Big Lies on Latest CW Incident in Syria

by Stephen Lendman

On November 24, US-supported terrorists fired Western-supplied shells containing toxic chlorine at al-Khalidyia, al-Neel, and Jamayat al-Zahra Aleppo City neighborhoods.

Unless quickly treated, toxic chlorine inhalation can cause asphyxiation and other severe respiratory problems. According to area hospital sources, 107 civilians were admitted, suffering from what was believed to be chlorine gas inhalation, acute cases treated in intensive care.

The US, UK, France, Israel, the Saudis and Turkey are involved directly or indirectly in delivering sarin, chlorine, and other toxins to jihadists in Syria they support.

Russia’s Defense Ministry has what it called “irrefutable evidence of the use of munitions filled with toxic agents against the civilian population on November 24, 2018 in Aleppo.”

Trump regime imperial partners delivered toxic chemicals to White Helmets jihadists, masquerading as civil defense workers.

“The peaks of these deliveries were synchronized with the bold statements of the US State Department and other US agencies about the readiness to deal a missile strike on Syria in case of the alleged use of chemical weapons by the government,” Russia’s Defense Ministry explained.

In response to the Aleppo City CW attack, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman General Igor Konashenkov said the following:

Russian personnel “from the observation posts of the radiation, chemical and biological protection units with special equipment stationed in Syria arrived to the area of shelling urgently.” 

“They work with the injured taken to medical institutions, monitor the situation in the area where the militants used poisonous substances,” adding:

“According to preliminary confirmed data, in particular, by the symptoms of poisoned victims, the shells that were fired at residential areas of Aleppo had been filled with chlorine.”

Al-Qaeda-connected White Helmets were likely involved like earlier. “It is clear that (they) are directly connected with terrorist organizations operating in Syria, and in particular, in the Idlib de-escalation zone.”

Shells with toxins fired on Aleppo City came from Idlib’s demilitarized zone by Turkish-supported terrorists.

The Kremlin pretends Erdogan wants conflict resolution he’s clearly going all-out to continue – wanting Assad ousted, Syria’s sovereignty destroyed, and northern parts of the country annexed for a greater Turkey.

On December 7, State Department deputy spokesman Robert Palladino turned truth on its head saying: 

Assad and Russia “falsely accused the opposition and extremist groups of conducting a chlorine attack in northwestern Aleppo,” adding: 

“The United States strongly refutes this narrative and has credible information that pro-regime forces likely used teargas against civilians in Aleppo on November 24.”

Fact: Virtually everything said about Syria, and Russia’s involvement in combating US-supported terrorists, by the Trump and UK regimes, NATO, their imperial partners, and media press agents are bald-faced lies.

Following the November 24 CW incident, Aleppo province governor Hussein Diyab said “(t)he terrorists’ missiles (fired on Aleppo City neighborhoods) contained poisonous gases, which proves that the terrorists possess chemical weapons.”

In his Friday statement, Palladino falsely accused Syrian forces of “potentially fabricat(ing) samples and contaminat(ing) the site before a proper investigation of it by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons,” adding: 

“We caution Russia and the regime against tampering with the suspected attack site and urge them to secure the safety of impartial, independent inspectors so that those responsible can be held accountable.”

Longstanding US, NATO, Israeli policy consistently blames victims for high crimes committed against them.

Not a shred of evidence suggests Syrian and/or allied forces ever used CWs at any times throughout years of war.

Indisputable evidence proved ISIS and other US-supported terrorists used them numerous times – the latest incident on November 24 in Aleppo City, surely not the last one.

Separately on Friday, Russia’s Defense Ministry said it “interprets the US State Department’s hysterical statement, alleging that the November 24 chemical attack by terrorists in Aleppo was allegedly staged, as an attempt to exert pressure on the OPCW…to hinder an unbiased investigation.”

Every time the ministry reports about CWs delivered to jihadists and allied White Helmets, Washington warns about its “preparedness for a knockdown missile blow on Syria in case of another alleged use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government,” the ministry stressed, adding:

The State Department’s Friday statement is all about “vindicating” US-supported jihadists, along with “pseudo-rescuers from the White Helmets” allied with them against sovereign Syria and its people.

The US statement and others like it are also “geared toward diverting attention of the world community from the crimes committed by US (and allied) warplanes,” involved in terror-bombing Syria since summer 2014 – responsible for massacring tens of thousands of civilians and destroying vital infrastructure.

Endless US war in Syria rages in parts of the country because the Obama regime, and now Trump hardliners, oppose resolution – seeking to transform Syria into another US vassal state.

That’s what war in the country is all about, along with wanting Iran isolated ahead of a similar regime change plot against its sovereign government.

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