Mike Pompeo: A Profile in Arrogance, Extremism and Thuggishness

Mike Pompeo: A Profile in Arrogance, Extremism and Thuggishness

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Neocon extremist Pompeo exceeds the worst of his predecessors as secretary of state – no small achievement. 

He had stiff competition – notably from Henry Kissinger, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry. They’re all unindicted war criminals multiple times over, guilty of Nuremberg-level high crimes.

Like Trump and other regime hardliners, Pompeo is hellbent on toppling Iran’s legitimate government – war perhaps inevitable if other tactics fail like every time before, including harsh illegal sanctions no nations and business enterprises should observe.

On Wednesday, Pompeo represented the Trump regime at a Security Council session on Iran. He lied claiming Iran “threatens international peace and security through their continued development and proliferation of ballistic missiles.”

He lied saying Tehran is developing ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads it doesn’t have, doesn’t want and abhors, wanting all nuclear weapons eliminated.

The US and its imperial partners alone pose an existential threat to all nations and people everywhere. The Bush/Cheney, Obama, and Trump regimes asserted the right to use nukes preemptively, including against non-nuclear countries.

Iran is actively involved in combatting the scourge of ISIS, al-Qaeda, and likeminded jihadists the US created and supports.

Like other Trump regime hardliners, Pompeo is a serial liar. Nothing he, DLT, Bolton, Haley, and the others say is credible.

Pompeo lied claiming “Iran is harboring al-Qaeda, supporting Taliban militants in Afghanistan, arming terrorists in Lebanon, facilitating illicit trade in Somali charcoal benefiting al-Shabaab, and training and equipping Shia militias in Iraq.”

All of the above and virtually everything else he and other Trump regime hardliners say about Iran are bald-faced lies.

He called for the Security Council to impose sanctions on Iran, along with maintaining an arms embargo on the country. What never should have been imposed is due to be lifted under terms of the JCPOA, nor will SC sanctions be imposed on the country.

He called for establishing “inspection and interdiction measures, in ports and on the high seas, to thwart Iran’s continuing efforts to circumvent arms restrictions” – actions the SC won’t take.

He lied about Iranian ballistic missiles, falsely claiming they pose a threat to regional countries. US, Israeli, Saudi, UAE, and ones possessed by their despotic partners alone threaten the region and beyond.

Throughout its near 40-year history, the Islamic Republic never attacked another nation – what the US, Israel and their partners in high crimes do repeatedly.

Pompeo lied saying “Iran has exploited the goodwill of nations and defied multiple Security Council resolutions in its quest for a robust ballistic missile force” – solely for defense, not offense the way the US and Israel operate.

Russia and China strongly reject Pompeo’s anti-Iran agenda. They’re against hostile US actions against the country – unilaterally or through the Security Council.

Unlike the US and Israel, Iran is a stabilizing regional force, one of many reasons why the Trump regime and its predecessors wanted and continue to want its government toppled.

At Wednesday’s Security Council session, envoys of Belgium, Britain, China, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, and Sweden said it’s “confirmed that Iran continues to implement its nuclear related commitments.”

Russian UN envoy Vasily Nebenzia said “(w)e have to remind you that the Secretariat cannot carry out any investigations into possible breaches of Resolution 2231 (adopting the JCPOA) without a clear mandate by the Security Council. Any inspectional or observer activity of the Secretariat, no matter its intentions, must be stopped once and for all.”

Iranian ballistic missiles fully comply with its JCPOA obligations. Solely for defense, they’re designed to carry conventional warheads alone, not nuclear ones as the US and Israel falsely claim.

Their ballistic missiles can carry thermonuclear warheads, why they threaten the region and humanity.

Multiple rounds of US sanctions on Iran are flagrantly illegal. Neither SC 2231 or any other SC resolutions prohibit Tehran’s legitimate ballistic missile development, testing and production. Pompeo lied claiming otherwise.

Iran’s UN diplomatic mission affirmed that “all ballistic missile related activities of Iran are in full conformity with the relevant provisions of resolution 2231.” 

The Trump regime’s JCPOA pullout “is in absolute violation of the very same resolution.” 

The US and Israel repeatedly blame other countries for nonexistent crimes while ignoring their own, mainly their wars of aggression and other actions to try toppling legitimate governments.

Separately, Israel has waged decades of state terror against defenseless Palestinians and enforced ruthless apartheid rule over the Occupied Territories – the world community failing to hold it accountable for high crimes too egregious to ignore.

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My newest book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”


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