Russian Foreign Ministry on Russophobia, Syria and Britain

Russian Foreign Ministry on Russophobia, Syria and Britain

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Natalia Veselnitskaya is a private Russian attorney, unconnected to the Kremlin. Last summer, disinformation about her circulated for days, making much ado about nothing over her meeting with Donald Trump, Jr. 

There was nothing improper or illegal about Trump Jr. meeting with her. No “collusion” occurred, no connection to the Kremlin, no criminal activity of any kind.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below) explained Veselnitskaya was falsely charged with obstructing a US money laundering investigation she likely knows nothing about and had nothing to do with.

MZ: Falsely charging “Russian citizens has become a habit with the United States. We provide regular comments on this.” 

“We are not going to put up with this, so we expect Washington to provide clear and intelligible clarifications regarding the accusations against Ms Veselnitskaya.”

I’ve written on this issues several times, explaining complaints by Moscow to the US fall on deaf ears. The only language Republicans, undemocratic Dems, and their minions understand is toughness.

The only effective way to get their attention is by arresting and indefinitely detaining US nationals in Russia, preferably high-profile ones, holding them until wrongfully charged and imprisoned Russian nationals are free and able to return home.

Failure to play hardball with Washington assures abuses against its citizens will continue. The US is a notorious lawbreaker, doing what it pleases in pursuing its objectives – why diplomacy with its officials is futile. Yet Russia continues an approach that doesn’t work.

MZ’s claim about a rapidly changing situation in Syria is greatly exaggerated. US rhetoric alone changed, notably by Trump. Washington’s imperial agenda in the country and everywhere else remains the same.

The Russian/Turkish Idlib province demilitarized zone agreed on last September failed. Moscow lived up to its obligations, not Ankara, supporting al-Nusra and other terrorists in northern Syria while pretending otherwise, an issue I discussed before.

MZ admitted that they’ve been “more than 1,000” ceasefire violations in the past four months. Cessation of hostilities is more fantasy than real.

Idlib is the last major US-supported terrorist stronghold in the country. The longer a liberating offensive is delayed, the tougher the task to succeed.

Al-Nusra and other terrorist groups in the province have increased their ranks and become more heavily armed, greatly aided by Washington, NATO, Israel, the Saudis, and Turkey.

MZ is unduly optimistic about the outcome in Idlib and Trump’s pullout announcement, saying:

“We proceed under the premise that the US and other foreign military units now deployed illegally in Syria must eventually leave the country. We believe it important that the territories vacated by the Americans should come under the control of the Government of Syria.”

Trump regime hardliners and Pentagon Joint Chiefs have other ideas. US aggression in Syria has been raging for nearly eight years with no prospect for resolution because Republicans and undemocratic Dems reject turning a page for peace and stability in the country.

Russia, Iran and Hezbollah are allied with Syria’s liberating struggle, not Turkey’s Erdogan, wanting northern parts of the country annexed and Assad toppled.

White Helmets connected to anti-Syria terrorists, evacuated from liberated parts of the country, are in Jordan. Some want to return home, others awaiting their next assignment unrelated to civil defense, their fabricated cover. 

MZ slammed anti-Russia rhetoric by UK war minister Gavin Williamson, including Theresa May regime plans to establish a greater military presence abroad to be more of a “truly global player” allied with US imperial wars than already.

MZ: “Statements by…Williamson in favor the further militarization of British policy are perplexing,” notably about establishing Caribbean and Southeast Asia bases.

They likely intend allying with further US adventurism abroad, including against Russia, Britain an American lackey when it comes to warmaking, going along like a loyal servant.

MZ stressed that the Kremlin “reserve(s) the right to respond to any measures that pose a threat to the security of Russia and its allies.”

Given US rage against its sovereign independence, there’s likely to be plenty things to respond to ahead. Hardball alone with Washington and Britain can work.

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