Promoting Puppet Rule in Venezuela

Promoting Puppet Rule in Venezuela

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

A puppet is someone controlled by outside force or influence. Juan Guaido is a US designated puppet – controlled by Trump regime puppet masters, the way Washington operates globally, wanting control over all other nations, the rule of law be damned.

Trump hardliners reinvented the little-known legislator as Venezuela’s interim usurper president, wanting tyranny replacing democratic governance – flagrantly violating international, US constitutional, and Venezuelan constitutional law.

There’s no ambiguity about it. How would the world community act and react if a foreign power designed a US politician or anyone else to replace Trump as president because they reject his legitimacy, policies, or for any other reasons. 

Or if the same thing happened against Theresa May in Britain related to disagreement over Brexit, or even if yellow vest protesters with clearly justifiable grievances named a new French president to replace Macron.

Power gotten extrajudicially is what tyranny is all about. Democratic free, fair, and open elections alone are legitimate – how Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro were elected and reelected in Venezuela, polar opposite America’s sham money-controlled process.

All politicians are liars. Rare exceptions prove the rule. Virtually all US leaders spoke with forked tongues – Jefferson and JFK closest to governing otherwise. The Clintons, Bush/Cheney, and Obama were notorious serial liars. Nothing from Trump is credible, repeating one Big Lie after another.

President-elect Trump railed against US foreign interventions, saying as president “(w)e will stop racing to topple foreign (governments) that we know nothing about, that we shouldn’t be involved with.”

“Instead our focus must be on defeating terrorism and destroying ISIS” – perhaps not knowing at the time the group and likeminded ones are US inventions, using them as imperial foot soldiers in theaters where they’re deployed.

As president, Trump escalated flagrantly illegal sanctions war on Venezuela and its officials, falsely accusing them of drugs trafficking, extortion, money laundering and embezzlement, presenting no evidence proving it.

On the phony pretext of a (nonexistent) US national emergency over what’s going on in Venezuela, largely manufactured by the USA, Trump illegally recognized Guaido as (illegitimate usurper) interim president of Venezuela.

Threatening military action against the country, he said all options are on the table. On Thursday, Guaido announced a made-in-the-USA “Country Plan” for Venezuela.

It reflects a US wish list, including abolition of social programs, privatization of state enterprises, deregulation, and unrestricted market access for US and other Western corporate predators.

On Thursday, Venezuelan oil workers rallied en masse against US oil sanctions. Vice President Delcy Rodriguez addressed the crowd, saying Trump and his regime hardliners “without exception said they are coming for the oil of Venezuela and what is our response? Yankee hands, off our oil industry!”

Venezuela’s UN envoy Jorge Valero believes the Trump regime is preparing for a “military invasion” of the country.

In lockstep, US media are actively promoting Guaido. The NYT published his written-in-the-USA op-ed, a platform to lie, discussed in a separate article.

CNN, the most untrusted name in television news, gave him an on-air platform to lie, deceive, and threaten.

He turned truth on its head calling democratically elected Maduro a dictator. He supports US aggression against Venezuela if things go this far.

Representing the Trump regime’s attempt to replace social democracy with fascist tyranny, he turned reality upside down, claiming “(w)e are trying to restore the sovereignty of this country, to restore the liberty and democracy of Venezuela.”

Trump regime hardliners are using him as an imperial tool to destroy all of the above, a nobody elevated to prominence.

CNN lied saying international observers questioned the legitimacy of Maduro’s reelection last May. They declared the process open, free and fair. The same goes for all Venezuelan elections.

Guaido is a wannabe tinpot despot, wanting Bolivarian social democracy destroyed, replaced by US-controlled fascist tyranny – a diabolical plot Venezuelans should rise up against en masse to challenge, supported by the country’s military.

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