Russian Foreign Ministry on Syria, White Helmets and Venezuela

Russian Foreign Ministry on Syria, White Helmets and Venezuela

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below) again stressed that Syria’s Idlib province “remains the main hotbed of tensions and violence.”

She failed to explain that Turkey’s Erdogan betrayed Putin, promising to disarm al-Nusra and other terrorists in the province’s agreed on demilitarized zone last September.

Instead, he actively supports the scourge he pretends to oppose, giving jihadists safe haven in Turkey, letting them move freely cross-border between both countries.

He’s part of the problem, not the solution, opposing conflict resolution, hostile to Assad, wanting him removed, along with seeking to annex northern Syrian territory, mainly its oil rich areas.

MZ explained that (US-supported) al-Nusra terrorists continue attacking Syrian soldiers and civilians, using Idlib as a platform for shelling and other belligerence.

There’s no “reduction of ceasefire violations by” ISIS, al-Nusra, and other jihadists, multiple violations occurring daily, no prospect for conflict resolution any time soon. Years more fighting may continue.

Thousands of terrorists are well armed to continued attacks. They “stockpil(ed) toxic chemicals along the entire line of contact with the Syrian armed forces,” MZ explained, adding:

“We noted media reports that (they) delivered several tanks with chlorine from Jisr ash-Shugur to Khan Shaykhun in the south of Idlib Province. It is reported that in transporting toxic chemicals the terrorists again relied on the help of the notorious White Helmets…”

Turkey is a flagrant Sochi agreement violator. MZ called on its government to implement its commitments in vain.

On February 14, another Sochi summit will be held, Russian, Iranian, and Turkish officials attending. No conflict resolution breakthroughs can be expected like each time before.

Russian-led diplomatic efforts since 2012 in Geneva, Astana, and Sochi proved futile because Washington and its imperial partners want endless war and regime change, not peace.

MZ cited evidence by Dutch journalists, proving their government is actively aiding terrorist groups along with the US, other NATO countries, Israel, and other regional ones.

MZ: “(T)anks with chlorine (were sent) to Khan Sheikhoun in the south of Idlib Province. It is reported that in transporting toxic chemicals the terrorists again relied on the help of the notorious White Helmets.”

“The damning evidence collected by the journalists was submitted to the Netherlands Public Prosecution Service.” No action was taken.

“Dutch Foreign Minister Stef Blok…had to explain…the Hague’s aid to Syrian terrorists. (He lied claiming it) was meant exclusively for ‘moderate groups’ but it fell into the ‘wrong hands by mistake.’ ” 

No “moderates” exist in the country. All anti-government forces are US-supported cold-blooded cutthroat killers.

“Meanwhile, uncomfortable questions remain unanswered, which could have revealed the unsavory role of the Dutch authorities in supporting terrorists, by referring to the article in the country’s constitution which allows executive authorities not to disclose information about participation in armed conflicts if it runs contrary to national security interests,” said MZ.

The Dutch aren’t alone. Britain, France, Germany, Spain, and other countries have been or are currently involved in waging war on the Syrian people, supporting Washington’s imperial agenda.

MZ discussed a report titled “The White Helmets: Terrorists Accomplices and Sources of Misinformation,” saying it provides evidence revealing their true nature.

They’re funded by Western and regional countries, partnering with jihadists against Syrian soldiers and civilians, including by staging CW attacks falsely blamed on Damascus.

Venezuela is a major issue for Moscow – short of intervening to help protect and preserve the country’s sovereignty from a US planned takeover, what’s vitally needed.

In flagrant violation of the UN Charter and other international laws, the Trump regime intervened to topple Maduro, wanting a designated puppet it controls replacing him.

The same or similar scenario played out dozens of times before in Latin and Central America, as well as elsewhere globally, what imperialism is all about, along with wars of aggression and other dirty tricks.

The Trump regime is going all-out to enlist support from Venezuela’s military, so far unsuccessfully. It also threatened “to impose sanctions on the Venezuelan military who remain true to the legitimate government,” MZ explained, adding:

So-called US and European humanitarian aid elevates hypocrisy to a higher level. The Trump regime is waging war on the Venezuelan people by other means.

They and their imperial partners are starving millions of Yemenis to the brink of death by endless war and blockade – while pretending to care about Venezuelans they’re punishing with crushing sanctions.

Maduro’s UN envoy Jorge Valero accused the Trump regime of using so-called “humanitarian assistance as a pretext for unleashing war, which may have catastrophic humanitarian consequences.”

The scheme is a cynical Trojan horse stunt unrelated to helping Venezuelans in need. Neighboring Colombia and Brazil are being used as staging areas for covertly funneling arms to opposition elements, disguised as humanitarian aid, possibly for invading Venezuela as well.

So-called humanitarian intervention is all about regime change, US hardliners pretending to care about suffering Venezuelans they don’t give a damn about, their policies responsible for their misery.

MZ: “What about democracy? Who would believe this? Why do Western media fail to see the obvious? This is not a question of democracy. No one is trying to restore it.” 

“All they are trying to do is achieve a regime change in Venezuela. They are saying that life is bad for Venezuelans under this rule. If this is so, do not impose sanctions. Let this country live and prosper, and overcome the challenges it faces on its own without making them worse.”

The Trump regime “decided to use force, and all the rest is mere camouflage.” Things playing out “will have unprecedented and disastrous consequences for its people.”

“We welcome all international efforts to promote a peaceful settlement in Venezuela based on the country’s constitution and laws. We remain committed to facilitating this process.”

Wishing won’t make it happen. Nor will diplomatic outreach to the US and its imperial regional and European partners.

The die is cast. It’s crucial for Russia, together with China and other nations supporting Venezuelan sovereignty, to intervene actively with toughness, challenging the Trump regime in support of the Venezuelan people.

It’s the only strategy that can work, the only language the US understands. Diplomacy with its hardliners is futile whenever tried. It’ll accomplish nothing in resolving things equitably in Venezuela.

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