An RT Exclusive: Giving Airtime to Venezuelan Usurper in Waiting Guaido

An RT Exclusive: Giving Airtime to Venezuelan Usurper in Waiting Guaido

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Guaido is guilty of the highest of high crimes a citizen can commit against his or her nation – plotting to overthrow its democratically elected ruling authorities.

Complicit with the Trump regime, wanting Venezuela transformed into another US vassal state, maybe by naked aggression if other tactics fail, Guaido is guilty of sedition, treason or both.

He should be arrested, charged, prosecuted, convicted, sentenced and imprisoned longterm – not given airtime to spread propaganda, to promote the overthrown of democratically elected Maduro, wanting Venezuelan transformed into a free-market paradise for corporate predators.

To its shame, RT Spanish interviewed him. He lied saying there’s no “economic blockade.” He lied claiming US sanctions were only imposed on “corrupt officials and thieves.”

He lied saying they’re unrelated to economic and financial crisis conditions in the country. They were imposed to make the economy scream, to make ordinary Venezuelans suffer.

He lied expressing concern about conditions affecting millions of Venezuelans he doesn’t give a damn about – proof positive for allying with the Trump regime’s illegal regime change plot, permitting himself to be used as a convenient imperial stooge.

He lied claiming dire conditions are because “money was stolen,” Venezuela “robbed…and now we are starving.”

UN special rapporteur on the negative impact of the unilateral coercive measures Idriss Jazairy said the following:

“The economic sanctions are aggravating the already acute crisis affecting the Venezuelan economy, which adds to the damage caused by hyperinflation and the fall in oil prices.”

“The use of sanctions by outside powers to overthrow an elected government is in violation of all the norms of international law.”

Reading from the script prepared for him by Washington, Guaido added “(w)e are going to call truly free elections (sic) in Venezuela once the usurpation (sic) ceases, and we can build the mechanisms to have a truly free election (sic).”

All of the above are bald-faced Big Lies!

Why did RT give right-wing extremist/US-designated puppet interim president Guaido with no legitimacy airtime to spread his venom?

Why did it invite him to repeat his Big Lies on its platform? What purpose did it serve other than to benefit him – to RT’s shame?

In 1919, famed journalist George Seldes interviewed Benito Mussolini before his 1922 march on Rome power grab, establishing a fascist dictatorship, a model Hitler adopted with his own pure evil characteristics.

In the aftermath of Mussolini’s illegal elevation to power, Seldes returned to Rome in 1924 as a correspondent for the Chicago Tribune, documenting Mussolini’s tyrannical rule.

His earlier interview and aftermath documentation became the basis for his book, titled “Sawdust Caesar,” published in 1935, subtitled “The Untold History of Mussolini and Fascism.”

The book came out at a time when most Western media praised Mussolini as a figure who saved Italy from Soviet Russia’s “red menace.”

Seldes exposed the scourge of fascism before WW II began. He didn’t give Mussolini a platform to lie unchallenged. Il Duce expelled him from the country for his honest portrayal of a street thug elevated to power, Hitler’s junior partner in naked aggression. 

Why didn’t RT slap down Guaido the same why? Why did it give him a platform to rage against Bolivarian social democracy? Its viewers deserve answers not forthcoming so far.

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