NATO’s Stoltenberg: A US Imperial Frontman

NATO’s Stoltenberg: A US Imperial Frontman

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

US-dominated NATO is a Pentagon satellite organization, serving Washington’s imperial interests – a killing machine for warmaking, not defense, since Soviet Russia dissolved in December 1991.

The alliance should have dissolved with it. The US had and continues to have other objectives in mind. NATO secretary-generals are installed by Washington, serving as their frontmen in Brussels. 

Taking the job requires abandoning morality, ethics and integrity, along with ignoring international laws, norms and standards, supporting imperial crimes of war and against humanity – blaming victims for crimes committed against them.

Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg is a willing imperial stooge, doing Washington’s bidding, following orders. His addresses recite lines scripted for him by US hardliners.

At the annual Munich Security Conference on Friday, he recited his usual litany of Big Lies about Russia – falsely blaming its leadership for the Trump regime’s INF Treaty pullout.

The move is all about taking the gloves off, US hardliners wanting no restraints on arms development, wanting short and intermediate-range nuclear missiles deployed near the borders of Russia, China and Iran – a hugely dangerous arms race ahead, increasing the risk of nuclear war.

Part of the scheme is spending over a trillion dollars, maybe two or three trillion, upgrading the Pentagon’s nuclear arsenal over the next thirty years – instead of eliminating these weapons altogether worldwide to end the threat of mass annihilation.

Since Soviet Russia dissolved, the US repeatedly breached INF provisions, continuing by conducting prohibited missile tests, along with illegally boosting production and use of unmanned offensive vehicles, falling under the INF’s definition of short and intermediate-range ground-based cruise missiles.

Treaties, conventions, and other international agreements are for other countries to observe, not the US, operating by its own rules, part of its diabolical plot for controlling other nations, their resources and populations, wanting ownership of planet earth, its ocean depths, and outer space.

Ignoring years of US INF Treaty breaches, Stoltenberg lied claiming Russian SSC-8 missiles (ones its military calls 9M729 missile systems) violate INF principles.

Moscow categorically rejects false US accusations of alleged INF breaches, including about its newest 9M729 missile. No evidence suggests it exceeds INF limits.

According to Stoltenberg, “the whole nuclear arms control regime is under assault” – the US and its imperial partners bearing full responsibility, not Russia, he failed to explain.

He lied claiming Russian 9M729 missiles “can reach European cities like Munich with little warning.”

He lied saying “(t)hey lower the threshold for the use of nuclear weapons in a conflict.” He lied claiming “Putin (earlier)  expressed (a) desire for Russia to leave the INF Treaty.”

He lied saying the US alone “respect(s)” the treaty’s provisions, adding “(t)hat is why, with the full support of all NATO allies (a separate Big Lie), the United States has announced its intention to withdraw from the treaty” – heightening the risk of US launched nuclear war, he failed to explain.

Blaming Moscow for the Trump regime’s pullout, he shamefully said Putin “has a window of opportunity to return to compliance.”

Russia has been in full compliance for the past three decades, Trump’s pullout forcing Putin to follow suit for national security reasons, given the increased US threat.

Stoltenberg lied claiming “NATO (meaning the US) has no intention of deploying new land-based nuclear weapons in Europe.” It deploys them globally, wanting them menacingly deployed in space.

He lied saying “we remain determined to avoid a new arms race…” It began straightaway under Trump in 2017.

He lied claiming Europe has had 70 years of peace since WW II ended – ignoring the Clinton co-presidency’s Balkan wars and rape of Yugoslavia throughout the 1990s.

He called for increased military spending at a time budgets should be greatly slashed because the only enemies NATO countries face are invented ones.

No real ones existed since the mid-1940s. He failed to explain that US-dominated NATO is all about raping and destroying sovereign independent nations, wanting them colonized and controlled.

The alliance is focused on warmaking, including support for ISIS and other terrorists – peace and stability considered abhorrent notions.

As long as NATO exists, endless conflicts will rage, peace remaining unattainable because the US rejects it.

Congressional Representative/presidential aspirant Tulsi Gabbard introduced legislation to prevent the Trump regime’s IMF Treaty pullout.

The IMF Treaty Compliance Act (HR 1249) opposes his escalating arms race, wanting it halted.

Co-sponsored by Reps. McGovern, Omar, and Pocan, the measure is supported by Win Without War, Union of Concerned Scientists, Ploughshares Fund, Physicians for Social Responsibility, Nuclear Watch New Mexico, Beyond the Bomb, Global Zero, and NuclearWakeUpCall.  

The bill prohibits use of taxpayer dollars for developing weapons that breach INF Treaty provisions, Gabbard saying the following:

“We face a greater risk of nuclear catastrophe now than ever before in history. The threat of nuclear war is real.” 

“President Trump’s reckless decision to pull out of the INF Treaty heightens this threat by exacerbating the new Cold War, sparking a new arms race between the United States and Russia, and bringing us ever closer to a nuclear holocaust.” 

His “actions make the American people and our country less safe, while wasting taxpayer dollars to pay for the new arms race and nuclear weapons — dollars that should be used to address the needs of our people and communities right here at home.” 

“My legislation will uphold the INF Treaty, prevent an escalation of the new Cold War and new arms race, and protect taxpayer dollars.” 

“Rather than scrapping the INF Treaty, we should be working to strengthen and expand it, and continue pursuing a path toward security and peace.”

Einstein and Bertrand Russell earlier warned about the same thing, Russell saying “(s)hall we put an end to the human race, or shall mankind renounce war.” The risk is eventual annihilation. 

Either we end wars or they’ll end us – given the destructive power of today’s super-weapons. Their existence virtually assures their use, risking humanity’s annihilation.

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