Interventionist EU Lawmakers Expelled from Venezuela

Interventionist EU Lawmakers Expelled from Venezuela

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Post-WW II, EU nations were transformed into virtual US colonies, serving Washington’s geopolitical interests, even when harming their own.

They’re allied with endless US wars of aggression, partnering in its imperial aim for global dominance, settling for junior partner status, ignoring fundamental rule of law principles, mocking what democratic values are all about.

They failed to denounce the Trump regime’s INF Treaty pullout, assuring a more dangerous arms race than already, including development of a more menacing nuclear arsenal.

A war with these weapons is ominously possible because of US rage for regime change in Russia, China and Iran – the only nations standing in its way to rule the world unchallenged.

Instead of rallying to Iran’s defense straightaway after Trump’s JCPOA nuclear deal pullout, Britain, France, and Germany waffled for over eight months, achieving nothing to preserve and protect what took years of negotiations to craft.

Pledging to continue normal relations with Iran, including purchases of its oil and related promises, appear more unfulfilled lofty rhetoric than firm policy.

EU states weren’t included among countries exempted from observing US sanctions on Iranian oil and gas until May. Will they maintain normal political and economic ties with the Islamic or salute and obey Washington across the board on Iran?

The EU’s so-called special purpose (financial transactions) vehicle (SPV) and Instrument for Supporting Trade Exchanges (INSTEX) for European companies to circumvent the SWIFT international financial transactions system are too ineffective to render US sanctions null and void – compounded by the hesitancy of many EU companies to ignore the sanctions, fearing loss of access to the US market.

EU bloc nations mimicked US sanctions war on Russia instead of bonding with Moscow for closer relations, rejecting unacceptable US hostility toward the country – for its sovereign independence, opposition to Washington’s imperial agenda, and involvement in Syria against US supported terrorists.

The EU supports US political, economic, financial, and sanctions war on sovereign Venezuela – a fundamental breach of international law demanding denunciation.

Six European parliamentarians came to Caracas provocatively – uninvited by Maduro, accepting an illegal invitation from usurper in waiting Guaido, who has no legal authority to order or direct anything on behalf of the Venezuelan government.

Arriving on Sunday, they were expelled straightaway for entering the country illegally. In response, group leader/right-wing extremist Gonzalez Pons tweeted:

“Be aware! Our passports have been taken and we’re being expelled from Venezuela (because) Maduro doesn’t want us here. They have not informed us of the reason for the expulsion.”

The reason is self-evident. Indeed they’re not wanted because they’re allying with a US-designated puppet coup plotter.

Pons lied calling him “president Guaido” – in his own mind along with illegal US support. Pons shamefully demanded that Brussels strip Venezuelan envoys to the EU of their credentials. 

In response, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza tweeted the following:

“By diplomatic official channels, the authorities of Venezuela were notified several days ago about the arrival of a group of European parliamentarians who intended to visit the country for conspiracy purposes, which is unacceptable.” 

“They were recommended to avoid provocations. (Venezuela will) not permit the European extreme right to disturb the peace and stability of the country with another of its rude, interventionist actions.”

The Constitutional Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela will not allow” their interventionist provocation. 

Nor should any nations ally with Washington’s destructive imperial agenda, humanity’s scourge like no other.

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