Russia v. the US on Venezuela

Russia v. the US on Venezuela

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

On major geopolitical issues, ruling authorities of both countries are world’s apart. There’s no ambiguity about it.

Russia supports and observes rule of law principles domestically and in dealings with other nations – seeking cooperative relations globally, opposing confrontational ones. 

It backs the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all countries – free from foreign interference. It supports world peace and stability, urging differences between countries be resolved diplomatically. 

It opposes Washington’s imperial agenda – short of acting with vitally needed toughness against it, the only language US hardliners understand.

The US is an increasingly totalitarian/fantasy democracy, money-controlle one-party state with two extremist right wings – the war party, wanting dominance over all other nations by pressure, bullying, intimidation,  brute force and other dirty tactics.

Its rage for unchallenged global control threatens everyone everywhere. It threatens planet earth and all its life forms – an unparalleled menace in world history.

US ruling authorities can never be trusted, time and again pledging one thing, then doing something entirely different. Dealing with them diplomatically accomplishes nothing but betrayal.

They operate by Washington rules alone, flagrantly breaching international laws, treaties and conventions, Security Council resolutions, their own Constitution and statute laws – what rogue state governance is all about.

Nations failing to observe rule of law principles, norms and standards can never be trusted. Russia shows weakness by extending diplomatic outreach to the US, futile gestures time and again when this approach is taken with a nation regarding the Russian Federation as its mortal enemy, wanting its sovereign independence eliminated.

Rare exceptions prove the above rule. In mid-February, Sergey Lavrov warned Pompeo against interfering in Venezuela’s internal affairs, including by the “force option…in breach of international laws.”

Lavrov repeated the warning on Saturday, a Russian Foreign Ministry statement saying: “Lavrov condemned US threats against (Venezuela’s) legitimate government as explicit meddling into domestic affairs of a sovereign state and a gross violation of international law.”

He slammed the Trump regime’s “hypocritical” Trojan horse “humanitarian aid” PR stunt last weekend – unrelated to helping Venezuelans the US doesn’t give a damn about, or ordinary people everywhere, including at home, adding:

“Instigation and destructive influence from outside, under the hypocritical pretext of humanitarian aid deliveries, have nothing in common with the democratic process.”

“As Washington suggested to hold bilateral consultations on Venezuela, it was noted that we are ready for this, while it is necessary to respect the principles enshrined in the UN Charter scrupulously since only Venezuelans have the right to determine their future,” the statement added.

Lavrov’s remarks fell on deaf ears in Washington, a futile aim to deal with US hardliners diplomatically – the approach consistently failing since Soviet Russia dissolved in December 1991.

Russia’s Chief of General Staff/Deputy Defense Minister General Valey Gerasimov understands the existential threat the US poses to his country and all other sovereign independent states.

He warned that Washington intends waging conventional and asymmetrical wars on targeted countries – what he called a “global strike/multi-sphere battle,” citing Iraq, Libya, Ukraine and Venezuela as examples – omitting the same thing against Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Somalia and North Korea (despite two bilateral summits, accomplishing nothing).

In Venezuela, “fifth column” destabilization tactics are being used, said Gerasimov, along with crushing illegal sanctions no nations should observe.

US terror-bombing in Syria targeted and continues targeting vital infrastructure. The same strategy may be used against Venezuela by internal subversion from anti-government imperial proxies.

On Friday, Lavrov warned that the Trump regime intends sending weapons and munitions to Venezuelan and other regional mercenaries, shipping them from south Florida to Colombia and Brazil to be smuggled cross-border to stoke greater Venezuelan violence and chaos than already, Lavrov saying:

“According to the information that we have, in the upcoming future the US is planning to buy light weapons, mortars, air-defense systems and other arms in one of the Eastern European countries and send it close to Venezuela using an airline from one of the Post-Soviet states absolutely loyal to Washington.”

Russia’s Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev cited intelligence reports that the Trump regime is planning to intervene in Venezuela belligerently, saying:

“The relocation of American special forces’ units to Puerto Rico, the deployment of the US Army units to Colombia, and other facts evidently show that Pentagon is enhancing its military in the region in order to use it in ousting President Maduro.”

“The people of Venezuela understand this clearly,” overwhelmingly against military intervention (by) an aggressor state.”

Ruling party member/former Caracas Mayor Freddy Bernal warned about hundreds of US recruited mercenaries in Cucuta, Colombia close to Venezuela’s border, saying:

“I want to warn the international community that a form of war is being prepared against Venezuela, aimed at bringing internal chaos through the incursion of paramilitaries, mercenaries and some traitors” – planned by the Trump regime.

Venezuela’s UN envoy Samuel Moncada issued a similar warning, saying the US intends inciting “indirect and mercenary” war on the Bolivarian Republic, using anti-government armed irregular forces.

Interviewed by RT, Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez explained that her government is taking “concrete legal steps” to reclaim billions of dollars of US/UK stolen assets.

State oil company PDVSA’s European and other foreign headquarters are being relocated to Russia, she explained.

Asked about what usurper in waiting Guaido can expect on return to Venezuela, she said “(s)uch actions are prosecuted by criminal law,” adding:

“(T)here is a regulatory framework that our authorities are guided by. And they are already taking the necessary measures and will continue to protect our state of law and order” – with no further elaboration.

Bolton warned of “serious consequence” if he’s harmed. Venezuela’s Supreme Court Justice Juan Carlos Valdez said he violated the court’s ordered travel ban by illegally crossing into Colombia.

He’s “hiding from justice (and will be) caught and sent to prison” on return. Currently in Ecuador after visiting Colombia, Brazil, and Argentina, he’s expected back in Venezuela early this week, perhaps Monday.

Strong actions by Russia, ideally with China, not rhetoric, are needed to preserve and protect Venezuela’s sovereignty and rights of its people.

Trump regime aims are clear, intending to try toppling Maduro forcefully. Putin should respond with toughness, confronting Trump regime hardliners by drawing a red line not to be crossed on Venezuela – similar to his intervention in Syria to combat US-supported terrorists.

That’s a strategy with teeth likely to work. Confronting Washington diplomatically on Venezuela alone shows weakness, likely achieving nothing positive.

The fate of the nation hangs in the balance, the region’s leading democracy – essential to preserve and protect, why Russian intervention beyond diplomacy is vital.

It’s time for Putin to step up to the plate and do the right thing – ending futile diplomatic outreach with Trump regime hardliners, accomplishing nothing – a waste of time and an embarrassment to continue them.

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