The Trump Regime Aims to Incriminate Chelsea Manning Unjustly

The Trump Regime Aims to Incriminate Chelsea Manning Unjustly

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Like its recent predecessors, the Trump regime is hostile to truth-telling on vital issues, wanting nothing conflicting with the official narrative, state-approved propaganda, the type rubbish major media feature.

Whistleblowers exposing government wrongdoing are endangered. Manning served nearly seven years in prison for courageously exposing state high crimes of war in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Do Trump regime hardliners want her unjust prison sentence commutation reversed? Do they want her re-indicted, prosecuted and imprisoned again on phony charges?

No just cause exists for subpoenaing her to give grand jury testimony, a summons she unsuccessfully challenged in court, fearing the Trump regime’s malign intent.

On March 5, US Eastern District of Virginia Judge Claude Hilton dismissed Manning’s appeal, ordering her to give grand jury testimony.

Beginning Wednesday, likely continuing days longer, she’ll appear before the same grand jury convened to try indicting Julian Assange for the “crime” of truth-telling.

Sealed charges await him under the long ago outdated 1917 Espionage Act if extradited to the US by Britain.

Manning and her attorneys intend to continue resisting the Trump regime’s likely aim to put her behind bars again. Her Chelsea Resist! support committee issued the following statement in her behalf, saying:

“Today we stand in solidarity with Chelsea Manning, and her fight against the dangerous and undemocratic grand jury system.” 

“Grand juries operate in secret, allowing the government to retaliate against activists and dissidents behind closed doors.”

“This case is no exception. By demanding that Chelsea testify and keeping the basic facts of this grand jury under seal, the government today denied the public’s right to see this oppressive process in the light of day.”

“Donald Trump and his administration have publicly declared their disdain for Chelsea, and for President Obama’s decision to commute her sentence.” 

“Chelsea has stood by the testimony from her 2013 court martial, and this subpoena serves no legitimate purpose. It is a punitive effort to reverse Obama’s legacy, exposing Chelsea to legal hardship and possible imprisonment.”

“Even further, this case has profound 1st Amendment implications. It threatens to erode the rights of journalists who publish information in the public interest.” 

“The grand jury could also subject Chelsea’s activist networks to intrusive surveillance for engaging in lawfully-protected activity.”

“By challenging this subpoena, Chelsea joins dozens of activists who have refused to jeopardize themselves and their communities.” 

“After seven years of imprisonment and torture, Chelsea has suffered enough. We demand an end to this vindictive fishing expedition, and the abolition of the repressive grand jury system.” 


Her safety and well-being are threatened by rogue state injustice. The same goes for all truth-tellers at a time dark forces in the US want them silenced.

That’s what police state injustice is all about, what’s gone on in the US long before 9/11, greatly escalated since the mother of all false flags – unleashing no-holds-barred US war on humanity at home and abroad.

That’s why Manning’s fundamental rights, freedom, and well-being are greatly jeopardized by what’s going on.

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