Chelsea Manning Arrested and Jailed

Chelsea Manning Arrested and Jailed

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

For resisting the Trump regime’s attempt to incriminate her through grand jury testimony, invoking her constitutional rights, refusing to respond to unjust questioning, Manning was remanded into federal custody.

She knew the risk, taking it in defense of her fundamental rights the Trump and Obama regimes already violated – along with most everyone else’s in pursuing their imperial agenda.

On Thursday, Manning tweeted the following: “tomorrow i’m facing a sealed contempt hearing for refusing to testify at a secret grand jury over my 2010 disclosures” adding she’s prepared to handle the expected affront to her dignity and rights.

Days before her re-incarceration, she expressed willingness to “face the consequences,” adding:

“A judge will consider the legal grounds for my refusal to answer questions in front of a grand jury. The court may find me in contempt, and order me to jail.”

Once again, she’s a political prisoner. Eastern District of Virginia court Judge Claude Hilton ordered her detained unless she agrees to testify, or until the grand jury she was subpoenaed to appear before concludes its work.

That’s one of countless examples of how judicial unfairness in America works under national security state rules. Manning stressed she and her legal team “will exhaust every legal remedy available” in her defense.

She intends standing by her principles, fighting for her fundamental rights – earlier denied her when tortured in detention awaiting kangaroo military court injustice.

Nearly seven years in prison followed for exposing US high crimes of war and against humanity in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Last May, she said “10 years ago, I was working in military intelligence and I could feel the power, and could see how technology is implemented,” adding:

“Everything’s gotten worse, especially in the United States…a dramatic change in policing style and aggressive surveillance.”

Algorithms are used “to catch and kill” people. “Everything we do every day has a political impact. (People are) not helpless. (They) have power” if willing to use it.

Attorney representing Manning Moira Meltzer-Cohen said it’s “an act of tremendous cruelty” to jail her for courageously defending her constitutional rights.

As a transgender public figure, her health and safety are greatly endangered behind bars. WikiLeaks issued a statement, saying jailing her is “a dark day for journalism.”

Note: Manning could be jailed indefinitely. When the current grand jury concludes its work, Trump regime prosecutors can subpoena her to testify before a newly convened grand jury – a way to keep her imprisoned.

Her Support Committee issued the following statement on her behalf, saying:

“The court’s decision to imprison Chelsea Manning for refusing to comply with a grand jury is pointless, punitive, and cruel.”

“Chelsea has clearly stated her moral objection to the secretive and oppressive grand jury process.” 

“We are Chelsea’s friends and fellow organizers, and we know her as a person who is fully committed to her principles.” 

“If Judge Claude M. Hilton and AUSA Gordon Kromberg believe that subjecting Chelsea to more punishment will change her mind, they are gravely mistaken.”

“It is no secret that members of the current administration have openly expressed their hatred for Chelsea.” 

“Donald Trump himself has tweeted about his desire to undo Barack Obama’s commutation and put Chelsea back in jail.” 

“We reject the logic that Chelsea should comply and answer questions regarding events for which she has already provided ample testimony, and we condemn the government’s punitive efforts to back her into a corner.”

“By resisting this grand jury, Chelsea has made the same sacrifice as dozens of activists before her, who have opposed the grand jury system at the expense of their own freedom.” 

“Chelsea has already served prison time for standing up against government secrecy and revealing war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan.” 

“We know, and so does the government, that she will not turn tail and allow this shadowy grand jury to eclipse her legacy of speaking truth to power.”

“To quote Chelsea, ‘we got this.’ ”

“In the coming months, Chelsea will need support to pay for her legal fees, as well as money for commissary.” 

“Please donate to our fundraiser here:”

She’s currently jailed in the women’s wing of the Alexandria, VA federal detention center.

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