Major Media Response to Release of Witch Hunt Mueller Report

Major Media Response to Release of Witch Hunt Mueller Report

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Mueller’s nearly two-year Russiagate witch hunt probe concluded with a whimper, not a bang – reportedly including no new recommended indictments.

Earlier ones were unrelated to his mandate. Probes by him, the House and Senate found no evidence of Russian US election meddling, no illegal or improper Trump team Kremlin connection.

Concluding his investigation ended his involvement in perhaps the most shameful political chapter in US history, McCarthyism on steroids – supported by media scoundrels, long ago abandoning what journalism is supposed to be all about.

Commenting on what they called “the meaning of the Mueller report,”  NYT editors turned truth on its head, saying the following:

Trump’s “near-daily campaign to mock and discredit Robert Mueller’s ‘witch hunt’ has now lasted longer than his campaign for the White House,” adding:

“His shameful, conspiratorial attacks on the ‘deep state,’ and on the integrity of those who have devoted their lives to upholding the rule of law, have damaged the institutions of federal law enforcement and may have gotten him in even deeper trouble.”

The Times and other establishment media failed to debunk the House, Senate, and Mueller probes as unscrupulous, illegitimate, politicized Russiagate witch hunts.

Since US intelligence community allegations of Russian US election meddling first surfaced in October 2016, including by the DNI and FBI, not a shred of credible evidence was presented proving them because nothing exists.

There’s plenty to criticize Trump about, notably his high crimes of war and against humanity, along with serving wealth, power, and privileged interests exclusively – at the expense of ordinary people everywhere, harming their fundamental rights and welfare.

At the same time, he’s been right all along, calling the House, Senate, and Muller probes “witch hunts.”

Dark forces infesting America’s deep state are diabolically real. No nation more egregiously flouts the rule of law globally than the US, operating exclusively by its own rules, no others.

US “institutions of federal law enforcement” were long ago debauched beyond repair, including the Justice Department and Supreme Court – stacked with right-wing extremists, time and again mocking what rule of law justice is all about.

The Times lied saying whatever Mueller concluded in his report, “that doesn’t mean this inquiry has been a witch hunt.”

Fact: It’s perhaps the most egregious one in US history, an indisputable fact – based on Big Lies and deception.

Contacts by Trump and/or his team with Russia weren’t illegal or improper. No evidence suggests they colluded with Moscow against Hillary. Media-supported claims otherwise were and remain bald-faced Big Lies.

Indictments by Mueller were unrelated to his mandate, unconnected to phony allegations of Russia US election meddling.

The Times repeated the Big Lie about Vladimir Putin, saying he has a “knack for knowing just the right time to encourage election interference” – a disgraceful perversion of truth, typical Times rubbish.

The Times: “Whether or not a sitting president can be indicted is a long-running debate among lawyers, but either way, Mr. Trump is sure to be under investigation for the rest of his term in office, and probably in court for the rest of his life.”

The above statement may be the only truthful one in its hatchet-job editorial – anti-journalism, polar opposite journalistic ethics, values, and standards the way they should be.

Neocon/CIA-connected Washington Post editors were right for the wrong reasons, saying “Mueller(’s) inquiry (was) no ordinary investigation.”

Witch hunts never are, what WaPo editors left unexplained. They called for “Mueller’s conclusions and supporting evidence (to) be released.”

The entire report should be publicly released unredacted to clearly reveal the Russiagate witch hunt that never should have been authorized in the first place.

Wall Street Journal editors called for releasing the entire Mueller report “rather than let Congress leak (it) in dribs and drabs,” adding:

“(T)he question from the beginning of this saga more than two long years ago is: Will this Presidency survive?”

Wrong question! The right one was and remains why were House, Senate, and Mueller probes undertaken when not a shred of evidence suggested Russian US election meddling, no collusion to help Trump triumph over Hillary – nothing but Big Lies and deception! 

So-called “Trump-Russia collusion” claims were and remain politicized rubbish. Major media supported one of the great ruses of our times, failing to expose it.

The power of propaganda works. Polls show most Americans believe the Big Lie about alleged Russian US election meddling – despite no evidence suggesting it.

On March 20, the Times falsely claimed “(a)s part of a complex effort to sabotage the campaign of Hillary Clinton…Russia’s top military intelligence service hacked the computer networks of Democratic organizations and the private email account of the chairman of the Clinton campaign and released tens of thousands of stolen emails through WikiLeaks to the public.”

Not a shred of evidence supports the above bald-faced Big Lies. No Russian US election meddling occurred, no hacking of Dem computer networks or Hillary campaign emails, none stolen by Russians or anyone else.

Like virtually all other US major media, the Times reported and endlessly repeated Russiagate Big Lies.

Americans are the most over-entertained, uninformed people anywhere. To their shame, a majority believe the Russiagate Big Lies.

They’re easily debunked by following credible alternative media reports online. Anyone connected can know what’s going on with minimal effort. 

Many do. Most don’t, why no matter how many times the US public is lied to, they’re easy marks to be duped again.

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