Desperation in US Over Failure to Topple Maduro

Desperation in US Over Failure to Topple Maduro

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

So far, every Trump regime tactic used to try toppling Maduro and eliminate Venezuelan social democracy failed. 

Scripted by his US handlers, Guaido’s January 23 self-declaration as interim Venezuelan president failed to gain popular support. It’s mostly coming from well-off individuals and business interests, Maduro backed by his base in the barrios.

The Trump regime’s February 23 false flag failed – its trojan horse “humanitarian aid” PR stunt falling flat, failing to get Venezuelan military support as hoped for. 

The aim of Trump hardliners to get worldwide support for the coup plot fell woefully short. It’s backed almost entirely by regional and EU imperial partners – vassal states acting as US colonies. Three-fourths of the world community and the UN oppose the scheme.

Like the US, nations supporting the coup are disdainful of rules of law principles and democratic values they revile. 

Sanctions war begun by the Bush/Cheney regime, escalated by Obama undemocratic Dems, and greatly toughened by Trump hardliners achieved nothing but hardships on ordinary Venezuelans, showing contempt for them while falsely claiming otherwise.

Earlier violence to topple Maduro failed. Repeating it won’t likely fair better, Venezuelan security forces trained to counter it effectively.

Years of trying to turn Venezuela’s military against Chavez, Maduro, and Bolivarian social democracy was rejected by its former and current commanders.

Attempts to enlist popular support for regime went nowhere. Most Venezuelans blame US imperial harshness for their woes, not Maduro, not Bolivarian governance.

Bolton shows signs of desperation, admitting the plot to try toppling Maduro is “obviously going to take some time” – polar opposite the view in Washington two months ago.

Tweets like the following from Bolton fall on deaf ears in Venezuela and Cuba by their ruling authorities and ordinary people, saying:

“The US will hold Cuba accountable for its subversion of democracy in Venezuela (sic) and direct hand in Maduro’s ongoing repression of the Venezuelan people (sic).” 

“We call on those who support Venezuela’s sovereignty to defend the constitution and Venezuelan people (sic).”

The only option not so far tried is direct US military intervention. Though going this far is highly unlikely, anything is possible with lunatics like Bolton and Pompeo in charge of Trump’s geopolitical agenda, along with Abrams, point man for regime change in Venezuela.

The neocon/CIA house organ Washington Post is frantic, saying Trump has a “Russia problem” in Venezuela. 

In January, regime hardliners thought they could roll over the country in days, toppling Maduro easily. “Now, they’re girding themselves for a more uncertain and prolonged contest,” WaPo lamented.

Best laid Trump regime plans fell flat. Maduro is stronger than two months ago. “The country’s influential military is mostly still in his camp, and his grip on power remains intact…”

Russia, China, India, Turkey, Cuba, Iran, and scores of other nations support him. The UN refused to back the coup plot.

WaPo: “(A) delegation of Venezuelan officials is expected in Moscow to discuss Russian investments in Venezuela’s mining, agricultural and transport sectors” – along with help to increase its oil exports.

Around 100 Russian military personnel arriving in Caracas “sent heads spinning in Washington.”

Note: According to AMN News, “(M)ore than 120…Chinese soldiers arrived in Venezuela on Sunday as part of a cooperation program between Beijing and Caracas.”

They’re delivering humanitarian aid and military supplies to government forces. Their presence in the country, along with Russian personnel, shows support for and solidarity with Maduro and the Bolivarian Republic, opposition to the Trump regime’s coup plot.

Weeks earlier, Russian Chief of General Staff Gen. Gen. Valery Gerasimov called Trump regime actions against Maduro part of its imperial strategy to “liquid(ate) governments of (sovereign independent) countries.”

According to political analyst Dmitry Trenin, “(t)here is an understanding that (Venezuela) is a rather serious test for Russia’s ability to act in defense of its interests globally.”

Support from Russia, China, and other countries is key to defeat the Trump regime’s coup plot.

Going this far against the hemisphere’s preeminent democracy is further proof of US pariah state status, a nation in decline, making more enemies than friends.

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