The Eyes Have It, Guaido’s Look of Pure Evil

The Eyes Have It, Guaido’s Look of Pure Evil

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

When it comes to Venezuela, he’s the fourth Trump regime axis of evil member – along with Pompeo, Bolton, and “assistant secretary of dirty wars” Abrams, his 1980s nickname.

They’re part of the diabolical plot to eliminate Venezuelan social democracy – a notion these figures revile. 

Their resumes are blood-drenched, what imperial rage for dominance is all about, raping and destroying one nation after another, toppling other governments by color revolutions and old-fashioned coups.

In announcing Abrams’ appointment as Trump regime special envoy for Venezuela, Pompeo disgracefully called him a “true asset to our mission to help the Venezuelan people fully restore democracy and prosperity to their country (sic)” – a bald-faced Big Lie.

Ignoring 1980s carnage and human misery in Central America, he once called dirty wars he orchestrated a “fabulous achievement.”

He was part of the Bush/Cheney White House’s aborted April 2002 two-day coup in Venezuela, failing to topple Hugo Chavez. In January 2006, he was complicit with Israel against Hamas, opposing its democratically elected ruling majority.

It was followed by suffocating blockade, wars of aggression, and intermittent hostilities on the Strip, viciously persecuting its two million people, the US partnered with Israeli high crimes.

Abrams was appointed point man for regime change in Venezuela two day’s after Guaido’s self-declaration as interim president, an action with no legitimacy.

His eyes are a window to his soul. Look closely at his facial expressions. His menacing grimace and strident rage turns off most Venezuelans.

They’re unmistakably the look and sound of pure evil he represents, along with being a puppet on a string, pulled by his Trump regime handlers – following orders, doing their bidding, betraying his country and people.

Raging against Bolivarian social democracy is a losing strategy, alienating the vast majority of Venezuelans, wanting it preserved and protected, why Guaido is widely reviled. A day of reckoning awaits him, maybe sooner than he thinks.

Dwindling numbers turn out to hear him, his call for mass demonstrations increasingly falling on deaf ears. Maduro draws much larger crowds, telling Venezuelans what they want to hear, delivering on promises made.

Groomed for years by his US handlers, political nobody Guaido was elevated to prominence by the power of propaganda. He’s a Manchurian candidate, a front man for the Trump regime’s coup plot, saluting and obeying orders.

Opposing democratic governance, he’s guilty of sedition and/or treason for assuming his anti-government role, the highest of high political crimes.

He’s a pathetic figure, more caricature of a leader than the real thing, his rage against Bolivarian social democracy alienating most Venezuelans. It shows in dwindling numbers responding to his calls to take to the streets and protest. 

On Monday during a joint press conference with his Venezuelan counterpart, Turkish Foreign Minister Melvet Cavusoglu pledged to deepen his country’s support for the Bolivarian Republic “in all fields,” ignoring US pressure to back its coup plot.

A Final Comment

On Sunday, famed retired Argentine footballer Diego Maradona/current manager of Mexico’s Dorados de Sinaloa football club, expressed support for Maduro, saying the following to reporters:

“I want to dedicate (Sunday night’s) victory to Nicolas Maduro and to all Venezuelans who are suffering” from the scourge of US imperialism, adding:

“The sheriffs of the world, who are those Yankees? Just because they have the biggest bombs in the world they think they are so much more advanced than us. No, they are not.”

“We don’t buy that ‘chirolita’ they have as president,” referring to a famous 1970s Argentinian ventriloquist, his puppet bearing a strong resemblance to Trump. 

Following a drone attack attempt to kill Maduro last year, Maradona called the incident “an attempt against the nation.”

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