Is Trump Regime Military Intervention in Venezuela Likely?

Is Trump Regime Military Intervention in Venezuela Likely?

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Regional nations, the world community, UN, and overwhelming majority of Venezuelans oppose US military intervention in the country.

What’s highly unlikely is possible with neocon extremist hardliners in charge of Trump regime geopolitics.

Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev believes it’s coming, earlier saying the US “is preparing a military invasion of an independent state,” adding:

Deploying US special forces in Puerto Rico and Colombia, as well as “other facts indicate the Pentagon is reinforcing its troops in the region in order to use them in an operation to remove…Maduro from power.”

Russia’s Foreign Ministry accused the Trump regime of arming opposition elements in Venezuela to provoke street violence, creating a pretext for possible US military intervention.

On Friday, Sergey Lavrov said the US is declining economically, “no longer able to compete honestly. That’s what we have seen over the past two or three years,” one reason behind its global belligerence, wanting to smash or otherwise bully other nations to bend to its will.

Days earlier, a White House statement expressed frustration over the Trump regime’s failure to topple Maduro, saying actions taken “continue to diminish” in effectiveness, the “military option” still on the table.

It’s “being seriously considered as events unfold,” adding: The US, EU, and Lima group “made it clear that the consequences of any harm that comes, or an arrest of Juan Guaido would be devastating to Maduro, it would be the worst and last mistake he makes, and, therefore, we are watching very closely.”

On Wednesday, John Bolton said the Trump regime “is determined not to see Venezuela fall under the sway of foreign powers,” referring to Russia and China, concerned as well about other Bolivarian Republic allies opposed to the US coup plot.

Days earlier, US Southern Command (SOCOM) head Admiral Craig Faller said Pentagon commanders are concerned about China’s economic and political influence in Venezuela and other regional countries, along with its Indo-Pacific and African strength.

“I think the biggest threat to democracy (sic) and the way of life around the world is the trend that we see in China,” he roared – the nation rising along with Russia, India, and other countries while the US is declining.

“We’re awaiting orders from Washington on military intervention in Venezuela,” he added, “ready” to implement what Trump orders, comparing the Bolivarian Republic to Syria – both countries targeted for regime change by the US, he failed to explain.

“China is hedging its bets and being unhelpful” in Venezuela, he said. “‘For a nation who wishes to stake their claim amongst the great nations, they are certainly not respecting human rights, sovereignty, democracy — any of the things that this neighborhood values.”

China and Russia gain friends and allies through mutual cooperation and respect for the sovereignty of other nations – polar opposite how the US operates, pressuring, bullying, intimidating, and attacking them.

According to Faller’s disinformation, China is “biggest threat to democracy and the way of life around the world” – the dubious distinction applying to the US, not China, Russia, Cuba, or other countries on Washington’s target list for regime change.

Will the Trump regime intervene against Venezuela militarily? Though unlikely, it’s very possible if all other options fail.

Increased involvement of Russia and China in the Bolivarian Republic is key to preventing the possibility.

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