US Frustration Over Failure to Topple Maduro

US Frustration Over Failure to Topple Maduro

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

What’s going on in Venezuela is a real-life David and Goliath struggle – good guy Bolivarian Republic withstanding devil USA’s best shots, short of unlikely military intervention, a game-changer if things go this far.

Trump regime efforts to get Russia to forsake Syria, Iran, and Venezuela fell on deaf ears in Moscow, supporting its allies, not abandoning them to US control and predation.

In Syria, Russia will do whatever it takes to safeguard its personnel on the ground. If US forces attack Syrian targets close to where they’re deployed, Moscow will respond as necessary while wanting direct conflict with the US avoided.

How Moscow intends responding to US attacks on Venezuelan targets if occur is an open question. It’s committed to help preserve and protect Bolivarian sovereign independence.

It’s surely urging the Trump regime to abandon its coup d’etat scheme. Nearly always, diplomatic outreach to the US is an exercise in futility, why toughness in dealing with its hegemonic aims alone can work.

The Trump regime scheme to topple Maduro and eliminate Venezuelan social democracy was ill-conceived.

Under Chavez and Maduro, ordinary Venezuelans are conditioned to Bolivarian social benefits, governance serving everyone equitably – polar opposite how Western and most regional regimes treat their people, how Venezuelans were exploited and repressed pre-Chavez.

Short of US military intervention, the coup plot conceived by Trump regime hardliners failed – based on the flawed belief that Venezuela’s military would abandon Maduro along with most Venezuelans, welcoming Guaido instead of strongly opposing him and neoliberal policies he’d impose if empowered. 

The vast majority of Venezuelans want US hands off their country. They’re overwhelmingly against military intervention. So are regional and other world community countries. US NATO allies oppose a Libya or Syria type attack on Venezuela.

The air went out of the Trump regime’s coup plot weeks earlier. Continuing it by propaganda and sanctions war is futile.

Three-fourths of world community countries refused to recognize Guaido. Most others going along likely bowed to US aims reluctantly.

Fascist regimes in neighboring Colombia and Brazil are concerned about millions of Venezuelans seeking safe haven in their territory if the US intervenes against Maduro militarily.

The neocon/CIA house organ Washington Post is concerned about Russia and China gaining Latin American influence by contesting US sticks with carrot diplomacy.

Geopolitical know-nothing Trump is manipulated by hardliners controlling him. Fed rubbish about alleged benefits of transforming Venezuela into another US vassal state, he swallowed their ill-conceived notions, ignorant of the fallout.

WaPo quoted former Obama National Security Council official Benjamin Gedan, saying “Trump (regime) polic(ies) supercharged China’s increased presence in the region. (They’re) entirely counterproductive.”

Russian influence in the region is growing as well. Both countries invested billions of dollars in Venezuela, a prize valued for its world’s largest oil reserves.

US toughness under Republicans and undemocratic Dems increasingly alienates other countries, America’s status as a pariah state growing.

The Wall Street Journal expressed frustration over powerless Guaido and officials appointed to serve his and US interests.

Illegitimate Guaido envoy to Colombia Humberto Calderon complained about having no “tools,” no “databases,” operating from Bogota hotel space, sort of an ambassador without portfolio, presiding over nothing.

According to the Journal, many countries going along with the Trump regime’s coup plot “kept some level of ties with Caracas” – effectively recognizing Maduro’s legitimacy.

US calls for the UN to recognize Guaido were rejected by refusing to agree. “Guaido’s team has been slow to occupy the few available embassy and consulate buildings in Latin America and Europe,” the Journal reported, one of many signs of the unraveling coup plot.

Guaido is a US appointed temporary president in name only, a figurehead nobody without credibility and scant internal support.

The world community knows Maduro is Venezuela’s legitimate president. EU and Latin American countries supporting Guaido succumbed to US pressure, bullying and threats.

According to OAS Guaido ally David Smolansky, Guaido’s team are mostly volunteers, operating from “hotel rooms,” borrowed right-wing think tank space, “coffee shops,” and “back seats of Uber cars.”

Three months of Trump regime efforts to topple Maduro achieved nothing. He remains Venezuela’s legitimate president, his popular support increasing at imposter Guaido’s expense.

Inter-American Dialogue president Michael Schifter summed up frustration in Washington, as well as in supportive media editorial and board rooms, saying:

Trump regime hardliners believed “if they would just appoint all these people and set up a parallel government then it would become a reality. (It) hasn’t happened.” 

The ill-conceived scheme failed. Short of direct US military intervention, it’s game over – even though increased Trump regime toughness on Venezuela can continue endlessly.

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