Slamming Russia for Supporting Venezuelan Sovereignty

Slamming Russia for Supporting Venezuelan Sovereignty

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Pompeo demanded that Russia get out of Venezuela. “We don’t want anyone messing around with” the country, he roared.

Bolton made similar remarks, falsely accusing Moscow and Cuba of taking over Venezuela, warning there’s a “cost” to pay.

Trump regime point man for regime change in Venezuela Elliott Abrams earlier said “it would be a mistake for the Russians to think they have a free hand here. They don’t.”

Abrams threatened more financial and other sanctions on Russia for supporting the Bolivarian Republic, its actions entirely legal, polar opposite US violations of international law and its own Constitution with regard to Venezuela and numerous other countries.

Acting war secretary Patrick Shanahan said “(w)e have a comprehensive set of options tailored to certain conditions, and I’m just going to leave it at that,” adding the Trump regime’s punch line stated time and again, saying: “All options are on the table.”

Wall Street Journal editors accused Russia of “collusion in Venezuela (sic),” saying:

Why does Trump say he and Russia’s leader “had a very good talk” on the country. “(I)t was very positive,” Journal editors saying his comments were “the opposite of what the rest of his (regime) and nearly every outside observer believes (sic).”

Right wing extremists alone support regime change in Venezuela and in other US targeted countries — what activists for peace, equity, justice, and the sovereign rights of all nations according to international law oppose.

For extremist Journal editors, social democrats like Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro are “dictators.” Despots the US supports are valued allies, their high crimes ignored.

Journal editors: Russia’s defense minister earlier “announced plans to put Russian military bases in Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba” — a bald-faced Big Lie.

They ignored the Pentagon’s empire of bases worldwide in scores of countries, unrelated to national security, used as platforms for warmaking, part of US strategy for unchallenged global dominance.

Journal editors quoted former SOCOM commander Admiral Kurt Tidd, responsible for drawing up the Trump regime’s plot to topple Maduro and eliminate Venezuela’s social democracy.

Warning about nonexistent Russian incursions, he turned truth on its head, saying Moscow “deepened ties with allies that share (its) increasingly authoritarian approach to governance (sic) and resentment of US global leadership (sic),” adding: 

“It has extended financial lifelines to keep its allies in Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua afloat.” Journal editors slammed Sergey Lavrov’s remark about Russia’s longterm partnership with the Bolivarian Republic, denouncing Trump regime efforts to topple its democratic government.

Neocon/CIA-connected Washington Post editors asked: “How can Venezuela move forward,” saying “opposition leaders and their foreign supporters (are) debating what went wrong.”

There was no debate about a farcical plot perhaps designed to fail, using it as a pretext for tougher actions against Maduro, maybe another scheme to kill him.

According to WaPo, failure to topple him and eliminate the hemisphere’s preeminent social democracy “is a tragedy for Venezuela’s long-suffering population.”

WaPo and other Western media ignore the Trump regime’s coup plot, its illegal sanctions war, its aim to immiserate Venezuelans while pretending to help them — falsely claiming what’s going on is democracy building, what US policymakers want eliminated everywhere.

WaPo and other Western media are frustrated and flustered over effective Bolivarian resistance against US efforts to destroy it.

Three-and-a half months after Guaido self-proclaimed himself interim president, following the script prepared by his Trump regime handlers, he made himself Venezuela’s most widely despised figure — polar opposite what the Trump regime intended.

He’s expendable, replaceable, and more valuable dead than alive, what I suggested in a previous article, adding:

Perhaps a CIA hitman will be dispatched to kill him, falsely blaming Maduro, a pretext for greater toughness against him and Bolivarianism.

One thing alone is certain. Four regimes in Washington aimed to return Venezuela to US client state status. Can Trump regime hardliners transform consistent failures into success?

Can it do the same thing to Iran, Cuba, and other nations targeted for regime change?

The historical record shows it’ll keep trying, majority bipartisan hardliners hellbent for getting their way — no matter how lawless their actions and harmful to ordinary people.

That’s what imperialism is all about, an unparalleled menace to humanity worldwide.

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