Media Respond to Mueller’s Remarks

Media Respond to Mueller’s Remarks

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Mueller’s report and public remarks presented no evidence suggesting Trump or his team engaged in illegal or improper conduct with Russia, nothing suggesting a conspiracy, no obstruction of justice.

No one indicted from his probe had anything to do with his mandate, nothing connected to phony allegations of possible Trump team/Russia collusion.

Mueller repeated the Big Lie about Russian US election meddling, failing to explain that no credible evidence backs the accusation because none exists.

Why would Russia or any other country interfere in the US process, featuring two extremist right wings of the one-party state vying for power, when results always turn out the same way, when dirty business as usual always wins, when ordinary people have no say over how they’re governed, when democracy in America is pure fantasy, not the real thing.

According to the NYT, Mueller “decline(d) to clear Trump.” Failing to suggest he committed wrongdoing related to his probe was back door exoneration on this issue in less than so many words.

Mueller saying “(i)f we had had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so” sounded like sour grapes for being unable to claim he committed wrongdoing on this issue.

He’s culpable for serious wrongdoing gone unmentioned. That’s what the Times and other media should have explained. The same goes for all sitting presidents and vast majority of congressional representatives.

The Times claiming Trump’s conduct “warrant(s) (a) criminal investigation” pretends it’s over collusion with Russia and obstruction of justice despite no evidence proving it.

Times editors went further, saying “(t)here’s a decent chance the president committed a crime” on this issue. Again no evidence suggests it.

Mueller explained that charging a sitting president with a crime by the special counsel or Justice Department is unconstitutional.

The Times reinterpreted his remark, saying “(t)his was not about a lack of evidence,” falsely claiming Mueller drew Congress a roadmap for possible impeachment on obstruction of justice charges — despite no evidence proving it.

“Presidents don’t stay in office forever,” said the Times, barely stopping short of calling for his prosecution as a private citizen for (nonexistent) collusion with Russia and (nonexistent) obstruction of justice relating to his triumph over media darling Hillary.

The Times wants Trump impeached and removed from office on false charges, not legitimate ones that virtually all US sitting presidents could be charged with from the beginning of the republic.

There were no “multiple, systematic efforts to interfere in our election” — not by Russia or anyone else. 

“American democracy” the Times roared about doesn’t exist — just cause for holding the entire US political establishment accountable for scamming ordinary people into believing otherwise.

Finally, Times editors turned truth on its head, saying Mueller’s probe “was not a ‘witch hunt.’ ” A rose by any other name!

According to neocon/CIA-connected Washington Post editors, Russians interfered in the US political process, Trump refusing to admit it  — even though no meddling occurred by any foreign source.

Endless claims otherwise remain bald-faced Big Lies. What Times, WaPo, and other editors should have said is when farcical US elections are held, they always turn out the same way.

Ordinary Americans with no say over how they’re governed are virtually disenfranchised without knowing it.

Beating a dead horse like the Times, WaPo falsely claimed it’s “more clear than ever that the responsibility for continuing to pursue the question of Russia’s (nonexistent) interference, and of Mr. Trump’s (nonexistent) attempts to obstruct investigation of it, now lies with Congress.”

Wall Street Journal editors called Mueller’s public remarks his “partying shot,” adding: He “went out of his way not to absolve Donald Trump and may have put his thumb on the scale toward impeachment.”

It’ll be for the wrong reasons if happens, establishment media ducking the right ones, including their complicity in crimes of state for supporting and suppressing them.

As for Trump according to most major media, he’s “guilty” of triumphing over Hillary, winning an election he was supposed to lose, along with favoring better relations with Russia, a nation bipartisan hardliners in Washington consider a mortal US enemy.

DJT’s real crimes are ignored, his endless wars of aggression, high crimes of war and against humanity, his war by other means on Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua, his disdain for Palestinian rights, his trade war with China that’s all about wanting the country contained and weakened, his war on aliens from the wrong countries — serving the nation’s privileged class at the expense of most others, and other serious offenses.

As long as he remains in office, he’ll be criticized for the wrong reasons, important ones listed above ignored.

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