Does the NYT Support Palestinian Surrender to Israeli Interests?

Does the NYT Support Palestinian Surrender to Israeli Interests?

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

On issues relating to the US and Israel, longstanding NYT policy is on the side of the devil, not the angels, one-sided supporting the interests of both countries and their allies at the expense of peace, equity and justice.

The self-styled newspaper of record likely accepts Trump regime envoy to Israel David Friedman’s unacceptable remark.

The longtime Zionist ideologue said “Israel has one secret weapon that not too many countries have. Israel is on the side of God,” reflecting the view of evangelical Christian fascists — one-sidedly supporting Israel, contemptuous of Palestinian rights.

Friedman supports unlimited expansion of unlawful Israeli settlements on stolen Palestinian land, along with annexing them — his view likely reflecting official Trump regime policy.

It no longer calls Judea and Samaria occupied. It considers Jerusalem Israel’s exclusive capital. The same goes for Syrian Golan, now called Israeli territory, the rule of law be damned.

When chosen as Israeli UN envoy in August 2015, critics called Ziofascist Danny Danon’s appointment a “cruel joke,” a figure contemptuous of rule of law principles, irresponsible even by hardline Israeli standards.

He abhors Palestinian self-determination, supports annexation of the West Bank, endorses ethnic cleansing, and considers Israeli high crimes of war and against humanity the Jewish state’s inalienable right.

To its disgrace, the NYT gave him feature op-ed space to call for Palestinian surrender to Israeli interests — suggesting perhaps the Times thinks it’s a good idea, never mind fundamental international law and longstanding Palestinian grievances against a ruthless occupier.

“What’s wrong with” surrender, Danon asked? Suggesting Palestinian capitulation advances the peace process reflects over-the-top ideological extremism.

No responsible editors would touch Danon’s hateful rubbish. Times editors featured it.

Danon praised Trump’s no-peace/deal of the century peace plan Palestinians categorically reject, including an attempt to bribe them to capitulate to US/Israeli demands.

According to Danon’s perverse logic, Palestinian surrender to perpetual bondage under Israel’s repressive boot “will create the opportunity to transform (their) society.”

Earlier as a Knesset member, Danon crafted legislation to annex the West Bank and rescind  Israeli/PA financial obligations established by prior agreements, saying at the time:

“If the Palestinian Authority wishes to proceed on a reckless path and bring further instability to the region (sic), Israel cannot continue to pour funds into this sinking ship of failed leadership (sic),” adding: 

“The funding agreements with the PA were reached with the hope that their leaders would work to create an environment of lasting peace and security with Israel (sic).” Blaming victims is longstanding US/Israeli policy.

“Given that it is clear that the Palestinians have no such desire, Israel must no longer be required to stand by these arrangements,” Danon roared. 

Palestinians want peace, equity and justice Israel denies them. Danon and likeminded ideologues believe Israel has a divine right to their land.

His measure was an attempt to rescind Oslo, stating: “All obligations between the State of Israel and the Palestinian Authority as established by international agreements…will be considered null and void.”  

Oslo was a Palestinian Versailles, affording them nothing but pain, suffering, loss of their land, and dismissiveness toward their fundamental human rights.

In December 2015, Brazil under Dilma Roussef rejected Danon’s appointment as Israeli envoy to the country because of his involvement with the extremist Yesha Council, promoting unlimited illegal settlement expansions.

If Danon got his way, Palestinians would be dispossessed from all Judea and Samaria land Israel covets, leaving them isolated in cantons on worthless scrubland — where things are heading with or without his endorsement.

He earlier said “(f)rom the Israeli point of view, there will not be any Palestinian presence” on land Israel wants for exclusive Jewish development and use.

Danon is ideologically racist. He wants Palestinians subjugated under perpetual apartheid viciousness in deference to Israeli interests, their culture and national heritage diminished or lost altogether.

He and likeminded extremists want them dealt with the way the US waged war on Native Americans, African-Americans, ordinary Americans, the poor and disadvantaged.

From the nation’s inception, its ruling authorities committed “genocide, brutally and purposefully…in the name of progress, (then buried ugly truths) in a mass of other facts, as radioactive wastes are buried in containers in the earth,” said historian Howard Zinn.

For four centuries, Native Americans fared worst. “The US Census Bureau concluded that there were fewer than a quarter-million indigenous people surviving,” in America, reduced to at most 3% of their original numbers, Ward Churchill explained, adding:

“The American holocaust was and remains unparalleled, in terms of its scope, ferocity and continuance over time.”

The African holocaust was horrendous at the same time, involving 500 years of colonization, oppression, exploitation, and slavery, much of it trafficked to America. 

Black Africans were captured, branded, chained, force-marched to ports, beaten, kept in cages, and stripped of their humanity.

Millions of lives were lost during the Middle Passage, survivors sold into bondage.

Danon and likeminded Israeli extremists support a similar fate for Palestinians — extermination through slow-motion genocide, survivors forced into perpetual bondage under Israel’s repressive boot.

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