Trump Regime Wants Venezuela’s Maduro Killed

Trump Regime Wants Venezuela’s Maduro Killed

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

The Bush/Cheney, Obama, and Trump regimes plotted to topple Venezuela’s government forcefully, including planned assassinations of its leaders.

Obama killed Hugo Chavez. He was either poisoned or infected with incurable cancer causing substances. 

Four state-of-the-art surgeries in 18 months couldn’t save him. Needing successive ones over that time frame raised obvious red flags.

Chavez received lots of death threats, knowing he was a marked man by the US. The late William Blum said he “believe(d) that Hugo Chavez was murdered by the United States,” CIA operatives likely involved.

Fidel Castro miraculously survived hundreds of US attempts to kill him. Chavez said “Fidel al­ways told me Chavez take care. These peo­ple have de­vel­oped tech­nol­o­gy.” 

“You are very care­less. Take care what you eat, what they give you to eat…a lit­tle nee­dle and they in­ject you with I don’t know what.”

The CIA pioneered cancer-causing agent experiments, focusing on infecting victims by injection(s), inhalation, contaminated clothing, and other techniques against targeted individuals.

Chemical, radiological, and biowarfare are longstanding US policies, part of its war OF terror.

Maduro is a prime US target for elimination. In August 2018 during a public address, calling on Venezuelan armed forces to remain vigilant against the “supremacist and criminal vision of those who govern the US, he was targeted by drones armed with C-4 explosives.

The plot failed, Maduro rushed from the scene unharmed, seven national guard soldiers reportedly injured.

Following the incident, Maduro said “(w)e will hold accountable those responsible who live abroad, especially in the United States,” adding: 

“According to the preliminary findings, many of the organizers of the assassination are living…in the state of Florida” — Miami their headquarters, directed by hardliners in Washington.

“It was an attack to kill me,” Maduro stressed. “They tried to assassinate me…I have no doubt that (Colombian fascist narco-terrorist, human rights abuser with close ties to Washington’s imperial agenda) Juan Manuel Santos is behind this attack.”

Maduro is marked for death like Chavez if not eliminated by coup d’etat. Trump regime hardliners want him toppled or murdered. They want US-controlled puppet rule replacing him.

They want Bolivarian Venezuela transformed into a US colony, gaining another imperial trophy.

Interviewed by Max Blumenthal in Caracas, Maduro said he has proof that the year-ago plot to kill him “was ordered by John Bolton in the White House,” adding:

“(H)e waited for the results (of last August’s assassination plot). If you dig deeper, you’ll see it someday.” 

“The proof will come out how John Bolton, in coordination with then-Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos.” 

“And they gave the task to Julio Borges, a former legislator in Venezuela” — likely working with CIA hitmen in cahoots with Colombian operatives. 

“We have testimony. We have witnesses, proof. All the material authors of this assassination attempt by drone were captured.” 

“Some of the operational and intellectual authors were captured. And it all points to Julio Borges in Bogota.” It all points to Juan Manuel Santos in Colombia. All of it.”  

“All the logistics, the institutional support, technical assistance, support from Colombian intelligence.” 

“It all points to John Bolton, who has a criminal mentality, a murderer’s mentality. We survived that day.”

It won’t likely be the last US plot to kill Maduro. All independent leaders and other key officials unwilling to subordinate the sovereign rights of their nations to US interests are on its target list for elimination.

Last August’s plot against Maduro was hatched in Miami, he explained, a cesspool of right-wing extremist Latin American ex-pats, Cubans most of all.

Maduro explained that they’re protected by the US under Republicans and undemocratic Dems.

An earlier article discussed numerous US attempts to eliminate Venezuela’s social democracy, failing time and again despite nearly two decades of trying. Here’s what happened, more of the same surely coming:

1. The aborted two-day April 2002 attempt to oust Hugo Chavez. Failure to get Venezuelan military support and popular resistance foiled it.

2. The 2002 – 03 general strike and oil management lockout, causing severe economic disruption and billions of dollars in losses.

3. The August 2004 national recall referendum, Hugo Chavez winning overwhelmingly with a 59% majority, thwarting the US-orchestrated attempt to remove him.

4. US sanctions war on Venezuela, begun by Bush/Cheney in 2006 for so-called non-cooperation in combatting international terrorism the US supports.

War on the Bolivarian Republic by other means continued under Obama, greatly escalated by Trump regime hardliners — targeting senior and other Venezuelan officials, the country’s enterprises, attempting to block its access to financial markets, along with aiming to reduce its oil sales to zero.

Annually since 2006, the State Department accused Venezuela of not “cooperating fully with United States anti-terrorism efforts” – pursuant to Section 40A of the Arms Export Control Act (22 USC 2781).

5. In 2005, the Bush/Cheney regime falsely accused the Bolivarian Republic of non-cooperation against narco-trafficking the US supports worldwide.

Annually since then, Washington falsely claimed Venezuela hasn’t fulfilled its obligations under international narcotics agreements.

6. In 2008, the Bush/Cheney regime imposed asset freezes and prohibitions on financial transactions, targeting designated Venezuelan nationals and enterprises.

7. In 2013, the Obama regime killed Chavez. He’s gone but Chavismo remains resilient.

8. Obama’s March 2015 executive order, falsely declaring Venezuela an “unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States,” declaring a fake ‘national emergency’ in order to confront” a nonexistent threat.

9. Intermittent violent street protests earlier and intermittently now, responsible for scores of deaths and hundreds of injuries were and remain US-orchestrated color revolution attempts for regime change.

10. The August 2017 CIA-orchestrated terrorist attack on Fort Paramacay in Carabobo state, another foiled coup attempt.

11. The August 2018 attack on Maduro by drones armed with C-4 explosives, failing to kill him.

Since taking office, Trump regime hardliners waged war on Venezuela by other means, greatly escalating things since January 2019, aiming to inflict enormous harm on its ordinary people, falsely believing they’ll blame Maduro for US criminal actions.

Can Bolivarian social democracy and Maduro survive the Trump regime’s onslaught?

Will the free world community step up to the plate and challenge it?

European and Latin American right-wing regimes are a lost cause. So are Israel and other rogue states allied with Washington’s imperial agenda.

It’s up to other nations to rally against its scourge. They’re all on the US target list for transformation into vassal states if not already there.

The US wants ruler/serf societies established everywhere, enforced by NATO as a global policeman it controls.

If that’s not reason to challenge its hegemonic rage, what is?

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