Rep. Rashida Tlaib Slams Ziofascist Apartheid Israel

Rep. Rashida Tlaib Slams Ziofascist Apartheid Israel

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Apartheid was official Israeli policy from inception, Arabs brutalized and otherwise mistreated for not being Jewish.

The nation is a virtual armed camp, military service for male and female youths mandatory, streets patrolled by heavily armed soldiers — terrorizing Palestinians, especially in the Occupied Territories.

From pre-school through higher education, Israeli Jews are brainwashed, lied to — taught to hate Arabs, especially Palestinians.

They’re manipulated to believe they’re hostile, violent, deviant, cruel, immoral, bloodthirsty, vengeful and unfair — Jews called industrious, righteous, trustworthy, brave, and rubbish about God’s chosen people.

Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib are the first two Muslim women to serve in Congress — both lawmakers critical of Israeli ruthlessness, supporters of BDS activism, the most important initiative for Palestinian rights, essential to preserve and support.

Yesterday I wrote about the Netanyahu regime’s refusal to let Omar and Tlaib enter Israel — because of their support for BDS activism and criticism of its Ziofascist state terror against defenseless Palestinians.

In response to criticism by US Jewish organizations, including AIPAC, as well as congressional Dems, the Netanyahu regime about-faced on Tlaib.

It agreed to let her enter Occupied Palestine to visit family members, with unacceptable conditions, Omar still barred — a humiliating climbdown for the apartheid state.

The unacceptable reversal of policy didn’t work. After requesting by letter “to visit (her) relatives, and specifically (her) grandmother, who is in her 90s and lives in Beit Ur al-Fouqa,” Tlaib refused to bow to the Netanyahu regime’s unacceptable demands.

She issued a strongly-worded press release, saying the following:

“In my attempt to visit Palestine, I’ve experienced the same racist treatment that many Palestinian-Americans endure when encountering” Israeli authorities throughout the Jewish state’s history.”

“In preparation for my visit, my grandmother was deciding which fig tree we would pick from together, while Palestinians and Israelis who are against the illegal military occupation were looking forward to members of Congress finally listening to and seeing them for the first time.”

The Netanyahu regime “used my love and desire to see my grandmother to silence me and made my ability to do so contingent upon my signing a letter – reflecting just how undemocratic and afraid they are of the truth my trip would reveal about what is happening in the state of Israel and to Palestinians living under occupation with United States support.”

“I have therefore decided to not travel to Palestine and Israel at this time.” 

“Visiting my grandmother under these oppressive conditions meant to humiliate me would break my grandmother’s heart.” 

“Silencing me with (unacceptable) treatment…is not what she wants for me. It would kill a piece of me that always stands up against racism and injustice” — what apartheid Israel is all about.

“When I won the election to become a United States congresswoman, many Palestinians, especially my grandmother, felt a sense of hope, a hope that they would finally have a voice.” 

“I cannot allow the (Netanyahu regime) to take that away from them or to use my deep desire to see my grandmother, potentially for the last time, as a political bargaining chip.” 

“My family and I have cried together throughout this ordeal; they’ve promised to keep my grandmother alive until I can one day reunite with her.” 

“It is with their strength and heart that I reiterate I am a duly elected United States congresswoman, and I will not allow (Israeli viciousness) to humiliate me and my family or take away our right to speak out.” 

“I will not allow (its Ziofascists) to take away our hope.”

“Racism and the politics of hate is thriving in Israel, and the American people should fear what this will mean for the relationship between our two nations.” 

“The denial of entry of a congressional delegation is not only about congresswoman Omar and (Tlaid), but also about the deep-rooted racism within Israel that is taking us further away from peace.”  

“Being silent and not condemning the human rights violations of (apartheid Israel) is a disservice to all who live there, including my incredibly strong and loving grandmother. 

“This type of oppression is painful for all humanity, but it is especially painful for me personally every time I hear my loving family members cry out for the freedom to live and the right to feel human.” 

Tlaib said the Trump/Netanyahu “hate agenda” calls for “prompt(ly) re-evaluat(ing) our unwavering support for the state of Israel.”

Both nations are fascist police states, masquerading as democratic ones, a notion they abhor and don’t tolerate.

They partner in each other’s wars of aggression on nonbelligerent nations and people threatening no one.

The US/NATO/apartheid Israel axis of evil represents the greatest threat to world peace and stability.

As long as hardline extremists run these countries, wars of aggression will rage with no end of them in prospect — along with neoliberal harshness exploiting their people.

There’s nothing anti-Semitic about BDS activism and justifiable criticism of apartheid Israel — a long ago discredited canard. 

I consider it a personal obligation to speak out against high crimes of state and their perpetrators.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” — whoever said it.

A Final Comment

On Thursday, Trump’s Ziofascist envoy to Israel David Friedman issued a statement, supporting the Netanyahu regime’s ban on Tlaib and Omar from entering the Jewish state and Occupied Territories. 

He lied claiming BDS “is not free speech.” He lied saying it’s “designed (to) destroy the Jewish state.”

It’s “designed” to enlist support against ruthless Israeli persecution of defenseless Palestinians, including its wars of aggression and other high crimes against humanity — what Friedman and most others in Washington support.

He lied calling Israel “a nation of laws.” Like the US and other NATO countries, it’s a nation of extremist/self-serving policymakers —defiant of rule of law principles and democratic values, operating by their own rules exclusively.

Tlaib justifiably acted responsibly for refusing to go along with unacceptable Israeli demands.

Her strongly-worded remarks need no elaboration.

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