The G7: An Anachronism Whose Time Has Passed

The G7: An Anachronism Whose Time Has Passed

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

The decades-old talking shop (since the mid-1970s) is theater on the world stage alone. What’s agreed on is arranged in advance by senior and lower-level officials.

Concluding statements when issued are largely meaningless boilerplate.

Bilateral and multilateral relations that matter play out away from formal gatherings.

UN General Assembly meetings, including the annual gathering of all member states, is where their leaders, other senior officials, or envoys to the world body state their views on world issues — again accomplishing nothing. 

The US, under both extremist wings of its war party, considers itself a G1 — demanding all other nations bend to its will, a master-vassal state arrangement it seeks and tries to enforce.

Nations maintaining their sovereign independence, adhering to UN Charter provisions and other international laws, seeking world peace, stability, and cooperative relations with other countries, opposing unipolar dominance of one state over others, are on the US target list for regime change.

The G7, G20, IMF, World Bank, European, Asian and Latin American Development Banks, the “boss of bosses” Bank of International settlements, the Fed and other major central banks, the UN, OECD, World Trade Organization, NATO, and other major international bodies are instruments of privilege over governance serving everyone equitably — a notion powerful Western interests abhor and tolerate nowhere, especially not at home.

They support globalization on the world stage, a racket established by US and allied dark forces, the flip-side of equity and justice for all, a coup d’etat against popular interests, a giveaway to banksters and other corporate predators, a neoliberal ripoff, a freedom and ecosystem destroying nightmare.

The system is anti-democratic, anti-labor, anti-environment, anti-consumer, and anti-sovereign independence of all countries, enforcing Washington’s rules, benefitting privileged interests over the general welfare.

Most nations partner with, support, or fail to oppose endless US wars on humanity, neoliberal harshness, and police state toughness against nonbelievers — cutting-edge issues of our time gone unchallenged and undiscussed at the G7, harming most people everywhere.

Economic powerhouse China and militarily dominant Russia, its super-weapons second to none, both nations supporting multi-world polarity over the unacceptable alternative, are excluded from the G7 club.

This year’s summit in Biarritz, France, ending Monday. It differed from most earlier ones only by the involvement of a very undiplomatic US president, the same true about other multi-lateral summits he attended.

Last year, he walked out of the G7 session before it concluded, refusing to sign a joint statement. 

This year, he threatened China, called President Xi Jinping the “enemy,” then about-faced, saying “we are getting along very well with China right now,”  far from it, adding:

Beijing wants a deal “badly.” Xi wants a fair deal respectful of China’s sovereign rights.

Trump and his hardliner team want China’s growing economic, industrial, technological, and military development undermined.

They want China and all other nations submissive to US interests at the expense of their own.

Three days of G7 summit talks left major global issues unresolved — notably on China, Russia, Iran, Venezuela, and endless US wars of aggression against nonbelligerent states threatening no one.

The latter topic, more important than all others, likely wasn’t discussed — nor anything about days of Israeli aggression against Syria, Iraq and Lebanon.

Unanimity among G7 leaders against Iran developing nuclear weapons ignored reality.

Its nuclear program has no military component and never did. Its leadership abhors these weapons, wanting them eliminated everywhere.

G7 members USA, Britain and France have large nuclear stockpiles. Israel’s hugely dangerous and destabilizing arsenal of nukes, chemical and biological weapons goes unmentioned during G7 discussions.

French President Macron saying “the members of the G7 are deeply attached to stability and peace in the region” is belied by reality on the ground — endless US-led wars of aggression raging in multiple theaters.

Iran rejected talks between President Rouhani and Trump unless his regime rejoins the JCPOA nuclear deal and ends unlawful sanctions war on the Islamic Republic.

He also rejected negotiations proposed by Marcron on Iran’s legitimate missile program, solely for self-defense by the region’s leading peace and stability proponent.

Hostile Trump regime policy toward Iran is unrelenting, “maximum pressure” sanctions war all about crushing its economy and immiserating its people, the same strategy in play against Venezuela.

A meeting between Trump and their counterparts won’t change a thing if occurs. They’ll be as futile as two DJT/Kim Jong-un summits — long on one-sided unacceptable US demands, short on equitably resolving major differences.

It’s how the US treats all nations it wants transformed into vassal states, offering nothing but hollow promises to be abandoned.

It wants North Korea and Iran rendered defenseless, making it easier to subjugate them.

By agreeing to unacceptable US demands, Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi was sodomized to death, his nation raped and destroyed by US-led aggression.

G7 talks consistently fail to step back from the brink of endless US-launched wars. The latest summit ending Monday followed the same pattern.

Beginning on September 23, high-level UN General Assembly sessions will convene, continuing for days, including addresses by leaders  or senior officials of member states.

Trump and Iranian President Rouhani are scheduled to address the world body.

They’re unlikely to meet. If plans change and they do, Trump regime hostility toward Iran will remain unchanged.

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